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About WaveDirect

WaveDirect Telecommunications is an innovative company driven by the desire to provide the most advanced and cost effective telecommunications solution to business and residential customers without compromise. Based out of Leamington, Ontario, we are one of Essex County’s largest locally owned Internet Providers. We have the resources to provide you with what you or your company needs with the support that you would expect from a local business. The WaveDirect team has a combined technical background of over 22 years. The owners, who stand behind and support the company, pour twenty years of successful business experience into each decision that affects WaveDirect’s success. We stand behind our promise to provide only the best quality products and services. We spend countless hours researching all the products and services we offer before we make them available to our customers. Our suppliers stand behind their products which in turn provide our customers with the assurance that WaveDirect will meet service requirements without delay.

From wireless high-speed Internet to voice over IP, wireless networks, virtual private networks and LAN/WAN configurations, you can be confident that WaveDirect will meet your requirements with the integrity you expect. We desire to become the company that you call for all your telecommunication needs and we are willing to do what it takes to earn your business. 10 years ago NASA rovers, Spirit & Opportunity landed on Mars. 10 years ago WaveDirect signed up our first customer.

WaveDirect Rural High Speed Internet

Congratulations Spirit & Opportunity! Happy 10 year anniversary WaveDirect!

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