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Top 12 Xbox One Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Game Console


It's hard to believe that we're almost half a decade into the current generation of gaming consoles. Yet in that span, more than 40 million Xbox One consoles were purchased.


Interested in seeing what the fuss is about? There's never been a better time!


Xbox One Tips and Tricks for Gaming


Whether you're just now jumping into the world of Xbox with the Xbox One X or you've been a diehard fan since the first Xbox's release in 2001, you'll want to make sure you get the most out of your console.


Be sure to check out these 12 Xbox One tips so you unlock the full power of your gorgeous new piece of hardware.



1. Get More Games for Less Money with Gamepass


If you're the type of person who can spend an entire afternoon deciding which game to buy, this tip is for you. Last year, Xbox rolled out a brand new initiative called Gamepass.


Think of it like Spotify for video games. You pay a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee and in exchange, you can choose from over 100 games to download on the service.


As if that wasn't cool enough, Microsoft announced earlier this year that all Microsoft Studios releases will hit the service on release day. So far games like Sea Of Thieves and State Of Decay 2 have made a massive impact on the service, and you can expect more in the future.



2. Use an Ethernet Cable for Faster Downloads


The initial wave of Xbox One consoles suffered a rather odd problem for such an advanced machine. It seemed as if Microsoft had forgotten to include a wireless card capable of delivering the speeds gamers needed.


While updated iterations of the console like the One S and One X have helped matters, your best bet is still to rely on a wired connection.


Plugging an ethernet cable into your console is going to provide you with the fastest speed available. Soon you'll be downloading games and winning Victory Royales without any slowdowns or lag.



3. Subscribe to Xbox Live Gold for "Free" Games


Okay, so you won't exactly get any games for free, but you'll already want Xbox Live so you can play games online and get discounts on digital games from the console's storefront.


Subscribing to Xbox Live nets you several free games per month in addition to the aforementioned benefits.


These are quality games, too! Past Games With Gold titles include Halo 3, Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


Xbox Live subscriptions go on sale all the time, too, so you can save money if you join at the right time.



4. Livestream Your Games with Twitch


Each day, millions of people log onto sites like Twitch to see what their favorite gaming personalities are streaming. And now, through the Twitch app, you can try your hand at becoming the next Ninja or PewDiePie.


Streaming is easier than you'd think. Simply launch the app, click the broadcast button, name your stream, and you're ready to greet your adoring fans.



5. Play Your Games Before They're Installed


This was actually one of the first Xbox One features touted when the Xbox One was announced. Microsoft promised that gamers would have the ability to play their games even before installation is complete.


Well, they got halfway there. Typically you couldn't get past the game's main menu or tutorial.


Thankfully, Microsoft has heard the anguished cries of impatient gamers and revamped the feature. Now you can play more of your games once they've hit the 'Ready to start' mark in your queue.



6. Express Yourself via Your Avatar


Avatars were a staple of the Xbox 360, and now they're back and better than ever in one of the newest Xbox One features.


You can create your own custom avatar and express yourself in some pretty cool ways. Aside from choosing how they dress, you can add props such as pets or championship belts.



7. Capture Your Moments of Glory


Ever have one of those epic moments where you pull off an impressive killstreak only to realize no one is around to witness your feat?


That's a thing of the past with Xbox One. You can capture, record, and edit gameplay clips to show off your best moments. You can even share them on social media within the app to share your triumph with the world.



8. Take Advantage of 4K HDR Content


If you have a One S or One X as well as a 4K TV, you can take advantage of the console's improved power. High-Dynamic-Range, also called HDR, makes your games look better than ever thanks to increased color ranges.


You can also watch 4K Blu-ray discs and stream 4K content from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video if your connection can handle it.



9. Your Xbox One Is More Than a Game Console


Don't forget that your Xbox One is more than a games console. You can run your cable box, a Roku, or even a PS4 through your console.


Through the Xbox One setup menu, you can add and customize these devices. Just make sure you get your HDMI ports straight. You'll want to plug these devices into the HDMI-in port, not the HDMI-out.



10. Invest in an External Hard Drive


Current consoles come with about 1 TB of storage. That sounds like a lot initially, but you're going to fill it up faster than you think.


Fortunately, you can continue growing your library of games in a pretty easy and affordable manner. Simply plug an external hard drive (most 2 TB drives will cost between $60-$80), set it up in the Xbox One setup menu, and you're good to go.



11. Play Your Old Games via Backwards Compatability


If you have any old Xbox 360 or original Xbox games lying around, think twice before you get rid of them. The Xbox One is capable of playing quite a few of your old favorites.


From Modern Warfare 3 to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, you can play the hits of yesteryear in addition to the latest and greatest Xbox One titles.



12. Use the Party System to Hang out with Friends


Gaming is better with friends. And the new Xbox One party system makes finding friends easier than ever. Within a few seconds, you and your friends can connect and join a party to conquer the digital worlds together.



Take Advantage of Everything Your Xbox Has to Offer with These Xbox One Tips


The Xbox One is quite a powerhouse, to begin with, but these Xbox One tips will help you make the most out of your console.


Of course, you'll need a great Internet connection, to boot. Get in touch for a free 30-day trial to see the difference WaveDirect can make.

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