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7 Rural Broadband Internet Myths Busted for Bear Line


How to Get the Best Rural Internet in Bear Line Ontario


We Clearing up a few broadband internet misconceptions right now. Finding rural internet in Bear Line can be challenging so we are going to discuss ideas you need to drop.


There’s a whole world available online, so if there is no access to wireless broadband internet in your area you could be missing out major on all the entertainment you love.


Broadband Internet Myths


Thankfully, Wavedirect is currently in full expansion into the Chatham-Kent area and is bringing rural high-speed internet to Bear Line Ontario. We want to ensure everyone is happy with our internet services so we provide a 30 Day Free Trial with no risk or pressure to buy. We want all customers to prove it to themselves that we are a reliable service before signing up.

However, with internet myths and various misconceptions floating around, it can be hard to know what’s really happening with your broadband speeds and rural ISP connection.


If unsure about your internet, check out the top myths below to learn what may or may not be a cause for a problem. You may have heard that high traffic times and electrical interference can slow down your broadband internet. We even put together this guide for 5 ways to maintain a steady rural internet connection.


Once you do get reliable rural internet from Wavedirect, you can use the list below to ensure that you are not carrying any "mental myths" around about what causes a poor internet connection in Bear Line for your home or office.


7 Popular Myths About Broadband Internet Debunked


1. “Traffic & Electrical Noise Are Affecting Your Broadband Speed.”


This myth could easily be a cause of worry for businesses, especially those that deal with machinery, plant equipment, etc.

However, we’re happy to inform you that this is false.

Extreme cases of noise affecting speed have been few and far between. The level of noise in your office or factory, however, should have no effect on your speed.

This means there’s no need to take any extra measures that may have been recommended to you to speed up your broadband internet such as insulation or moving your router.

While this noise from traffic and appliances are not the root cause of slow speeds, be wary of faulty electrical equipment around your house, as this can, in fact, make a difference.



2. “Your Internet Performance Is NOT Dependent On The Quality Of Your Computer.”


Unfortunately, your connection can be severely limited by an outdated computer with poor equipment. If your internet speed is slow or the performance is erratic, consider the fact that it may be your computer.

If your current computer or laptop is not too current or has low-quality specs, we have bad news. The performance of your internet connection significantly depends on 2 factors regarding your computer: the CPU speed, RAM and the computer configuration. If you think it may be your computer, it may be time for an upgrade.

In fact, even an underpowered computer won’t allow the user to view a webpage with much speed if that page contains elements such as Flash, video or other processor heavy multimedia.

If your computer has shown any of the symptoms above, it may be time for an upgrade. An updated computer with good hardware components is necessary to surf most standard websites today.

While the broadband internet connection may transmit data at a faster rate, but it’s the computer that allows you to view and render the web pages in the right way. It's something to consider.



3. “You Need To Use The Router Provided.”


Most rural internet companies will provide you with a standard router for use in your home. There are plenty of options for routers on the market. The router provided will do its job, but it’s important to know that using the included router is not your only option.

In fact, while the provided router might be fine for some smaller organizations, or basic internet usage, a bigger business with more office space or multiple devices running at once will need a more powerful router.

For your business, or even at home, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher quality router than what your ISP provider gave you. A better router can make all the difference and provide you with faster speed and easier access to a wider connection range.

Routers can vary in price. But while some routers may get pricey, it could be worth investing in if you want to see a real increase in your rural internet speed as a result.



4. “Broadband Internet Is Hard To Set Up & Use.”


On the contrary to this myth, broadband internet is super easy to get set up. Wavedirect takes care of everything, making sure to respect every aspect of your home with a small dish placed on your rooftop directed to a nearby tower.

After installed, our employees will walk the user through how to use the internet and answer any other questions you may have about our equipment.

Additionally, with every broadband internet connection, the user will get a copy of our Welcome Book (w/instructions). The instructions provided all customers with how to get comfortable with the internet and how to use it.

If a minor issue does arise, in most cases a user can solve it on their own with the booklet. If you find you can’t quite get it right for yourself, no worries you can always call tech support 24/7 at 1-855-844-9283.



5. “Broadband Internet Requires Expensive And Frequent Servicing.”

Your broadband internet connection will not require servicing frequently. In fact, competition between internet companies keeps technology on the cutting edge for their clients.

Because of the tough competition between internet providers, they’re all battling it out to see who can who steal the most customers with the best broadband deals, promotions and infrastructure technology!

If you do run into an issue, however, you won’t waste too much time waiting for help since customer service and/or tech support are usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


6. “High-Speed Data, Means You Can Have Many Internet Users.”


Most ISP's advertise high-speed internet but that does not mean more internet users. The more people that access your broadband internet at the same time, the more that splits up signal strength and speed.

If you’re located in a large office with a lot of employees, you shouldn’t expect the advertised speed to be exactly the same for each employee. In fact the more users you have on the internet the more it will affect each person's speed.

Instead, take a look at the available bandwidth for your package. Check to see if it can deal with a bundle of users transferring data at the same time.

To most consumers, all business broadband internet packages from different providers appear to be one and the same. This is not true at all, pay attention to things like data, speed, and bandwidth.


7. “All Internet Providers Are The Same, So There’s No Point In Switching.”


However, while it may not always be noticeable when it comes to rural internet in Bear Line, provider packages can actually be incredibly different below the surface.

Take a dedicated IP, for example. Some providers will offer added features such as this that will give your organization reliable
internet capabilities at all times. This feature will enable remote access to your organization’s files and servers for employees.

At the end of the day, what all of this means is that shopping around and gathering quotes from multiple providers can greatly benefit you.

Not only can choosing the right provider to save you money, but it can also provide you with a more reliable internet connection when you are doing important things online.

We’ve exposed the Top 7 rural internet myths for uses in Bear Line Ontario, we want to ensure your experience is happy as possible with only the best in internet access.


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