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Assistant at Your Service: Alexa Tips and Tricks You Didn't Know

Welcome to the Digital Age, in which technology and the Internet assist our daily lives. These days, smart devices are quite common for the average American family. 


If you have the Amazon Echo, featuring the recognizable voice of Alexa, you're in luck. This smart device is all the rage for its ever-growing ability to assist in a variety of tasks.


Alexa tips and tricks


In fact, Alexa is more popular than Google, Apple, and any other smart devices combined. Statistics show that Amazon Echo purchases made up 63% of the industry's sales in 2018. 


Of course, this makes plenty of sense considering how convenient Alexa has become for consumers. Its artificial intelligence (AI), after all, keeps learning new tricks to perform every day.


It's up to you, though, to research and optimize that technology. Keep reading to learn the best Alexa tips you might not have heard to make the Echo your ideal smart device.



If You're New, Catch Up on Last Year's Top Alexa Tips and Tricks 


Of course, you might be new to using this efficient smart technology. If that's so, don't worry. You can get caught up by reading this article on the best tips and tricks from 2018 that Amazon Echo owners should know about. 


Most of the tips won't likely surprise you. You already know that Alexa is great for putting your favorite music on all the Bluetooth-connected speakers throughout the house. You're excited about connecting her to other smart devices like your television or high-end coffee maker. 


Once you're in the loop, though, keep reading. These are new ideas that many people are now using to optimize Alexa's capabilities, too.



Consider Developing Automated Routines


Perhaps the best feature about Alexa, in general, is her ability to automate tasks. For example, what's one of the first things you want to do when you get home at the end of the long day? For many people, that means listening to their favorite jams. 


Imagine walking in and saying, "Alexa, I just got home." Then, her programming starts your favorite podcast or music after telling you the recent news and weather. After that, your sophisticated coffee maker starts brewing your favorite cup. 


Move on to what you need to do next when you get Alexa programmed to your ideal routine. No matter what your tasks and chores are, Alexa is available to quicken their efficiency. 



Alexa Tips for Small Businesses


It's no secret that running your own small business is a lot easier with the right technology. If you're wanting to succeed in today's digitally connected market, Alexa can help out with that. 


In fact, you can get Alexa into "Business Mode" by developing one of those automated routines, as mentioned above. What reminders do you have for connecting with your clients that day? Are there any projects that need finishing soon?


Whatever your small business looks like, don't be afraid to get creative when using your Amazon Echo. Alexa is a great assistant for both work and play. 


One thing to consider for running a small business is maintenance. If you rely heavily on technology for your daily operations, don't underestimate this tip.


You need your hardware, your operating systems, and your network service to function on a regular basis. For that reason, perform regular repair checks and keep all your systems updated. You wouldn't want to waste time or lose valuable data because your devices crashed. 



Connect Alexa with Your Travel Plans


As the world grows ever more digitally connected, you're in luck. Alexa is designed to take advantage of that connectivity. This is true, in particular, for those who live as frequent travelers. 


If you're on the road often, you know how convenient it can be to use the "one-stop-shop" to arrange your plans. Well, when you set Alexa up properly, she can finalize pretty much everything for your trip. Ask her to schedule anything from your international flight to the Uber to get you to the airport. 



Get Organized and Create Separate Profiles for Everyone in the House 


Perhaps you didn't know that Alexa comes with the ability to personalize her tasks for each household member. Yes, it's true, you and your family can all create profiles to suit your music tastes and purchase accounts. 


Be careful, though - come up with a sort of system between everyone. Communicate what expectations there are to avoid messing with others' profiles. For example, you don't want your kids to be able to purchase anything they want on your connected credit card. 


That's why it's so important to remember Alexa's safety features and practices. For one thing, you can set-up a voice-activated purchasing requirement for your payment methods. 


Still, those unique profiles will do a great job of keeping everyone in the house making the most of this awesome technology. It's up to you, though, to ensure that you all stay organized and on the same page. 



Keep Your Digital Devices Connected and Well-Maintained


At this point in the article, you should be excited about trying out these new Alexa tips. This smart technology is not something to take lightly. After all, the convenience and power of the Amazon Echo is a long-term, worthwhile investment. 


Of course, all of our belonging require our long-term care. When it comes to your Internet-based devices, there's no exception. You need to take proper care of your Amazon Echo so that it continues to optimize your life on an ongoing basis. 


In other words, don't be afraid to invest in its regular maintenance. If you put off any needed repairs or upgrades, for example, the cost could be high. When we get used to relying on such capable devices, we forget that living without them again can be drastic and difficult. 


The good news is there are dedicated experts available to help you with such repairs or maintenance. When your devices aren't connecting to the Internet, for instance, it's time to make a call. That's why we encourage you to reach out to our tech support services whenever something goes wrong with your digital devices. 


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