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How to Find the Best Rural Internet in Electric Ontario


There's no need to feel overwhelmed if you are looking to find internet in rural areas of Ontario.


Just follow our simple guide in this article on how to find the best rural internet connection and save yourself the money and the headache of trying out other service providers that just don’t deliver.

Just follow the steps and suggestions below to quickly get rural internet access that is both fast and reliable.


rural internet in Electric



1. Ask Those You Trust


Asking people you trust like family, friends or neighbors, Not only will they be able to give you an unbiased review, but they may be able to make recommendations of a better internet company and talk to you about other providers they have used in the past.


There may be more than a few providers for Rural Internet in Electric Ontario and you would want to avoid any companies with bad reviews, bad service, or that your friends warn you about. 


If your family or friends are open to the idea, you can ask them for the wifi code or their internet while over at their house and visit a few websites. This way you can “test out” different internet plans and see If the internet speeds are fast enough for what you need at your home.


Here is a quick list of questions you can ask your family and friends about their rural internet provider:

  1. You can ask who their current provider is and how much they charge?
  2. If the company has data caps or provides unlimited rural internet?
  3. Does the ISP use satellites or fixed wireless internet technology?
  4. How far does the company reach as far as their internet coverage area?
  5. Is the internet fast enough to stream videos in HD from Netflix or Youtube?


Asking the rural residents of Electric Ontario are more likely to know which rural high-speed internet companies to consider and which aren't worth your time.


2. Research Online


In the event that you don't know anyone in the area, it may be best to turn to your computer for help. A quick search will show you some rural internet options in your area. However, you don't want to just stop there. Company websites will also be a good place to check for any promotions or special discounts that may be running for a limited time.


Keep in mind, All that glitters is not always gold. Fortunately, you can easily find and read reviews of these internet services online from real-life customers. Some people even reach out to these rural customers on social media to ask them about their reviews, no matter if they were positive or negative and it helps spark new conversations about the Electric Ontario area. 


Everything that glitters GIF


Maybe you make some new friends in the local area, people are generally friendly and willing to share their thoughts. Be sure to check out all reviews before falling for any marketing gimmicks.


Promotions work to persuade and influence customers to buy, which is fine as long as they keep their promises on what they can deliver. 


If you only find a few companies in the area and the reviews show a recurring problem (like speed or customer service), it may be worth asking about their technical support before signing up. This way you will know that if a problem arises they can help you deal with it quickly.



3. Decide Which Devices You'll Use the Most


A rural internet unlimited data package can look great on the surface, but you need to understand that all speed is shared among all devices in the household. 


Avoid wasting your money by getting a clear idea about which devices you and your family use the most. This can quickly be discovered by observing what's used the most over the course of a week. Take an inventory count because your internet speed will be divided by the number of devices used at any one time. 


So let's say your kids are both using the internet on their cell phones and you and your hubby are trying to watch Netflix. You would want to pick a package that would have enough speed for 3 devices at all times. If you want a steady download speed of 10Mbps, you would need at least a 30Mbps package to handle all three devices being connected to the internet at once. 


Speaking of devices, you may want to stay away from a bundled internet package. We often see people getting sucked into a contract with internet, home phone and TV at a bundled discounted promotional rate, but the internet alone may be enough. Don't be pulled in by a price if it doesn't match the needs of your household, or you'll find yourself throwing money down the drain after the promo rate expires. Often times because you are locked into the contract you are forced to keep paying for all three services that are now at full price. 


OUCH, that gets expensive!


4. Look Into Different Internet Technology


Although most companies will advertise their services as “rural internet” the technology on how they deliver that internet can be vastly different. There are usually two main categories for rural internet technologies, those being satellite internet and fixed wireless broadband.


Satellite Internet:

In the case of satellite internet, your signal has to travel a very large distance, out to space and back in order for you to receive the internet at your rural home or country location. These can sometimes leave a lot to be desired as the distance creates lag time and a lot of latency issues with the internet signal. 


A lot of satellite internet companies are now working on a solution for this problem by introducing new LOS (low orbit satellites) just past the Earth's atmosphere in order to provide internet to “unserved and underserved communities around the world” without the data loss or slow speeds.


There are some major players here in the market trying to bring this new technology to light, like SpaceX’s Starlink initiative (Elon Musk) and Amazon’s Project Kuiper (Jeff Bezos). 


Even though there is a lot of money backing these massive projects there is always a lot of process and red tape before launching a constellation of 3,236 satellites into Earth’s low orbit. That's a LOT of satellites!


Even our own Ontario Government is pitching in to help rural communities get connected. Premier Doug Ford recently announced Ontario's $315 million dollar internet infrastructure upgrade plan for cell phone use and rural internet coverage for remote communities in Ontario. 


Fixed Wireless Internet:

Fixed wireless internet operates differently from satellite as the wireless signal is created from a tower access point and beamed directly at your home where there is a small dish installed on your rooftop.


This is commonly called, point-to-point internet, as we are creating a short distance bridge from the tower to your home. The towers themselves are connected to the main fiber lines in the area with very high speeds and very large data rates to handle the internet provided to the local homes and businesses. 


Usually, the only types of issue with this type of rural internet technology is "line of sight" for delivery. If you are in a heavily wooded area or surrounded by a lot of trees, we may have a hard time getting the proper internet signal strength for your connection to be stable. 


All of our installers ensure that all customers have the maximum signal possible, anything less than subpar doesn't get installed.



5. Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate


Many people assume internet prices are "set in stone", but a rural internet service provider may have a price match policy. If you've found a cheaper price but may want a specific service or go with a certain company (due to speed or availability), try seeing if you can negotiate a price match with them.


The important thing here is to never be afraid to ask. At the end of the day, internet companies want to have you as their customer, so some will be willing to work with you on the price.


Lets Negotiate


If you want to avoid having to stop in person at every store, a simple email including a screenshot of a competitive price should do the trick. Just be sure to follow up on the email with a phone call so you can get a response right away.


Finding the Best Rural Internet in Electric Ontario is Easy!


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