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Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet

We are a Rural Broadband Internet provider for Hobbs, Seminole and Denver City Texas. Most people in rural areas are looking for what important in an ISP (internet service provider), in a word reliability. All other things are usually calculated as well, as far as making a choice to go with one internet company over another…

Broadband Internet Texas


Broadband Internet Texas

Why People Choose One Internet Company Over Another:

  1. 1. Download / Upload Speeds
  2. 2. Limited Vs. Unlimited (No Bit Caps)
  3. 3. Throttling (Slowing Down the Internet Connection in Peak Hours)
  4. 4. Secure Reliable Connection
  5. 5. Customer Service / Support
  6. 6. Price Point


Let’s take a look at each one of these one at a time and explain both the difference between some of the internet terminology and where WaveDirect compares with other ISP companies in the market and what makes us different. We are trying to bridge the gap between any one on dial-up internet and any homes and business that don’t have any Rural Broadband Internet Options. WaveDirect telecommunications uses the latest internet technology and tower infrastructure to provide a RELIABLE connection that will get you speeds better than DSL.


What makes our technology so great is the latest development in dishes and internet management software to manage all connections to customers sign up with our services. But, you don’t have to take our word for it, Truly what makes us different from other Internet Providers is that we let you try our Internet Risk Free for 30Days with no contract. That’s Right, 30 Days of FREE Internet, no strings attached. Now lets talk more about your internet options and what they mean…..



1) Download / Upload Speeds

Let’s face it, most of the speeds ISPs quote are always “up to” a certain speed, so you can’t just choose based on the extremely optimistic speeds they advertise. Look at the results of actual, real-world speed tests for a more realistic picture. That’s why we Host a Internet Speed Test direct from our website, so anyone can check there current upload and download speeds from what ever provide they are currently with.


Our Texas BroadBand Internet Packages start at 3Mbps and Go up to 15Mbps for download speeds and users can pick exactly what packages work best for them…. What seems to be most important is Netflix and YouTube streaming and of course if you have kids…. Gaming!!!


Studies have found that Netflix often accounts for more than 30% of Internet download traffic in North America. Netflix is a big player in terms of Internet bandwidth, and they want connections to be as fast as possible so they can provide high-quality streaming video.


That’s why Netflix publishes an ISP Speed Index site, where they rank Internet service providers based on their average Netflix streaming speed. You can check that out HERE. As you can see from Netflix tests, some of the lower end DSL scores are coming in at 2.33Mbps so with WaveDriect’s benchmark at the lowest packages starting at 3Mbps you will be able to stream entertainment media into your home with no problems!


Again, just choose the best available package for your needs and we can even help determine which package is right for you after your 30Day trial is complete.



2) Limited Vs. Unlimited (No Bit Caps)

More often than not, more and more internet providers are promoting “Unlimited Internet” if there was such a thing as truth in advertising most companies wouldn’t be allowed to post such claims.


Here is the technical mojo on limited vs. unlimited…. Limited just means that your ISP provider is going to ask you to stop at a certain download limit each month in Gigs or Gigabytes, usually called a “Bit Cap”. If that monthly bit cap is gone over, then ISP start to charge overage fees.



3) Throttling (Slowing Down the Internet Connection)

The trade off here is that ISP’s who allow Unlimited Internet or No Bit Caps, will monitor traffic with advanced equipment to balance load the internet from any one they suspect is abusing their internet service by throttling down speeds and ultimately usage so that everyone on the same services dosen’t suffer because a few people who are abusing the system. WaveDirect offers Unlimited Internet for Rural Texas and provides reliable service for everyone on our system.


That means we will give you the best service possible with no throttling, in 99.9% of cases, some other companies will throttle users at peak hours or for no other reason than they’re available bandwidth is overloaded with users. WaveDirect has lots of room on it’s network for new users, just like you!



4) Secure Reliable Connection

WaveDirect has a reliable connection and has a very high up time success rate. This means no waiting for things to connect or dropping downloads when your are trying to get things done. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and our testimonials and we even prove our services first with our 30Day Internet Trial before we ask for any money.



5) Customer Support

WaveDirect prides itself on 24/7 Customer Support, that’s right if you give us a call, morning, noon or night….. you will get a live friendly person waiting to help trouble shoot any problems you may have with your internet.


We strive for customer satisfaction and word of mouth referrals and the only way to accomplish that is getting people what they need and ensure that they are happy with your services. We installation staff is friendly and always treat your home as if it was their own.


Look at this great review we received from Facebook:

I use wave direct for CK Heating & Cooling. It is very dependable, but today it slowed down. I called in and they were here within the hour and took care of it. That is some great service!

If you are in Search of Reliable Broadband Internet in Texas Try WaveDirect Free for 30 Days.


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