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Stay Bundle Free For Your Internet Services with WaveDirect

Why Bundle Deals Are the Worst For Internet Services

Don't get trapped in bundle deals to get the internet service you want!


Over 90% of the population in Canada has Internet.

If you're reading this, you're in that 90%. 

Bundle Freedom

But if you're accessing your Internet because you've fallen for one of those infamous "bundle deals," you're definitely going to want to read this article. 

Throughout North America, cable companies everywhere are constantly bombarding you with offers to (allegedly) save more by taking advantage of bundle deals. These bundles typically include cable, Internet, and telephone usage. 

However, if you're keeping up with the news, you've probably already realized that more and more Canadian residents are growing dissatisfied with what, it turns out, aren't such great ways to save after all. 

More often than not, frustrated customers end up spending hours on the phone, fighting for discounts and getting passed from representative to representative. 

We want to stop the vicious cycle of bundle deals.

In this post, we're destroying the myth of bundle "deals." We're also telling you about how you can get connected without getting taken advantage of

You Have Options - They Just Don't Want You To Know

We get it.

Especially if you live in a more rural area, you may feel like you're at the mercy of whatever company is actually willing to come out to your place to install your Internet. 

You may have even had to take up some of these companies on their bundle deals just to get Internet service. That means you're often stuck paying for services that you don't even need. 

That way of doing business just isn't acceptable anymore. 

Or, you might be seduced by the idea of consolidating all your communication needs to work with a single provider. Maybe you like the lower price tag, the sense of convenience, or just the idea of knowing that you only have to call one company when something goes wrong. 

Listen closely: no matter what level of convenience or lowered price you think you're getting now, it's going to be drastically different in about two months. 

Surprise charges, technical difficulties, a limiting of the number of lines you can have...we've seen it all.

Then, there's the customer service side of things. Or rather, the complete lack of customer service that's often associated with these "deals." 

Even an hour without Internet service could cost you serious business. It could even put you out of touch with those who could inform you if an emergency happened. 

It's unacceptable. 

Yet, these outages and complete failures to restore service promptly are a pretty common occurrence when you're dealing with the kinds of companies that offer these bundle deals. 

Ever wondered why that is? 

Because they're constantly having to provide excuses and answer calls regarding their terrible service. 

More About Why Bundle Deals Fail So Hard

To explain further why signing up with these companies is a bad call, think about your office. 

Each employee has a different skill set. Maybe you're the "tech and computer problem guy" while your buddy handles the "difficult clients." 

Whatever the case, your office isn't made up of 1 guy who handles 15 different jobs. (If it is, it's time to talk to someone in HR - and ask for a raise.)

Just like you'd have no idea how to handle a difficult client and your coworker couldn't reset a modem if his life depended on it, your provider likely doesn't have the ability to be a truly good one-stop-shopping experience. 


You'll have to sacrifice on service somewhere when you sign up for one of these deals.

The truth is, these companies are just spread too thin to really dedicate the time and thought to giving you the best out of every service. 

And innovation? 


Tech support that's actually available 24/7

Forget about it.

These companies are just there to overcharge the heck out of you and put you on call waiting when you call to complain about it.

They don't have the time to work on making things better - let alone the interest.

How To Avoid Getting Taken For A Ride By Bundle Deals

So, what should you do to make sure you don't end up signing away a huge part of your paycheck to your Internet service provider every month? 

Number one:

Read your contract carefully. Every single page.

It might be so mind-numbingly boring that you don't want to continue (that's what these companies are counting on) but you have to do it. 

If you have questions about a term or don't understand the wording of a contract, always ask for clarification. 

A quality company will see this as an opportunity to develop a good relationship with a future client. If they're clearly in a hurry to push you off the phone, that's not a good sign. 

Number two:

make sure you've really thought about what you need before you pick your provider.

Don't have a cell phone?

Then you don't need that "Family Plan" they're trying to sell you.

Don't own a television?

Then why are you about to sign a contract for TV services?

Finally, there is nothing more brutally honest than the customer review websites of an Internet provider and cable service.

Make sure you've done your research, and that you're familiar with what other people are saying about their experiences with a company you're thinking about using.

Don't Fall For Those Deals

In the end, the old adage applies here: if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. 

Except, of course, if you're dealing with our services. 

That's because we focus on proving your home or your business with the best Internet service possible - even if you live in a rural, remote area. 

We understand that you don't need all the bells and whistles: you just need Internet service that's fast, reliable, and doesn't constantly cut off in the middle of a workday.

To end the frustration of the billing surprises, infuriatingly slow speeds, and nonexistent customer service that you get with bundle deals, give us a call. 

We can't wait to give you the Internet experience you deserve, from the installation onwards.

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