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8 Useful Business Applications that Require Reliable Internet

Have you ever had that experience where you're traveling on business and need to access the internet, only to realize you're in a dead zone?


Business Internet Apps


Let's face it, not all internet service providers are created equal. Add to that, not all rural areas have adequate means for connectivity.


In this fast-paced digital era where so much is dependent upon business applications, having a weak internet connection can cost businesses money. Imagine needing to join a quick conference call and not being able to connect.


What types of impressions does this leave the client or your manager?


If you travel a lot or are thinking about relocating a business to a rural area, you will want to test their internet signal strength. This is extremely important for small and medium-size businesses relying on apps.


Continue reading for eight business apps that will require reliable internet service to be fully functional.



1. Quickbooks Online

Managing account receivables and payables is an important aspect of running a business. Having immediate access to create proposals, submit invoices, log expenses and pay vendors is a great convenience.


You can also use Quickbooks to process payroll, cut checks and pay taxes directly to state and federal entities. At the end of the year, print tax forms and make filing your taxes easier and quicker.


With Quickbooks Online you can have these options and more at your fingertips without the need for multiple business applications.



2. Asana

Keeping tabs on project management tasks is made easier with business applications like Asana. One of the leaders in task management apps, Asana brings your staff into one place for collaboration.


Asana allows you to assign specific tasks to members of the team, follow their progress and see when assignments have been completed. It is also a good tool for group projects where you need to know if things are progressing as they should.


With Asana you do not have to be in the office to see what everyone is working on. This frees up your time, so you can get out and meet with clients or solicit new business.



3. Square


If your business accepts payments on the fly, you will need to have a means of accepting credit and debit card payments. Business applications like Square will help you in this area.


Square can be used on smartphones, or you can purchase portable registers that are easy to carry and setup. The app also comes with attachments that allow for printed and/or email receipts.


Using square makes it easy to transfer transactions to your accounting software. Now customers can enjoy seamless integration between Quickbooks Online and Square.


Now, instead of waiting for customers to mail in payments, they can pay directly from their online invoices. In turn, the transactions post directly to the customer's bank account.



4. Dropbox


Dropbox is one of several business applications that provide cloud storage for documents, videos, and images. Now you never have to worry about running out of storage space.


You also have immediate access to your files regardless of your location. You and your employees can also share documents with other employees and clients.


The service offers free storage up to a certain limit. Afterward, you can purchase additional space to fit your business needs.


5. Business Applications for Email Marketing


Email marketing campaigns are great ways to advertise your business and notify your customers of upcoming sells and more.


With providers such as Constant Contact, you will have tools that allow you to create quick campaigns that can be sent from anywhere. You can also check campaign stats and resend to those who have not opened their email.


The app also gives you the capability to share email campaigns on your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.



6. Skype for Business


With Skype for business, you can have up to 250 people from around the world join your conference call. Imagine the cost savings of not having to cover travel costs for all of your employees and clients.


Skype is a must-have for businesses. They give you the option to record your online meetings. You can implement PowerPoint annotations during live team collaborations and install whiteboard capabilities.


Gain feedback from users during the conference call by sending out polls and giving users access to instant messenger.


The multiple tools offered to businesses to provide high-quality state-of-art conferences via live stream sets its service apart from the competition. Video call business applications are a technological must in today's fast-paced business world.



7. PayPal for Business Transactions


Having a reliable merchant account is at the core of businesses that offer products and services. PayPal for business does more than act as a payment processor.


With PayPal, you can offer multiple options for customers to complete their transactions. They can pay via their own PayPal account or use credit cards via the app. In addition, PayPal is accepted worldwide.


On the business end, PayPal offers clients reporting options, invoicing capabilities and important tax information. You can also use PayPal to prepare packages for shipping.


The best feature is their app that allows businesses to ingrate shopping carts into their websites.



8. Livestream to Produce Conferences and Courses


Live streaming has becomes very popular among businesses that offer conferences and online courses. Now you can increase your reach by offering services to those unable to travel to the actual event.


There are multiple apps on the market that offers the capabilities to host events online. Livestream is the popular app that allows users to create high-quality HD productions.


Offer your audience the convenience of conferencing from their own location. Give them unlimited access to content after the conference or course has ended.


Best of all, you still can charge for access.


Are You Using Any of These 8 Must-Have Apps for Your Business?


Having a rural business requires you to find an internet provider that can guarantee the level of speed you will need to operate. This will require asking essential questions about your local Internet provider.


If you are in need of reliable internet services, contact us today.

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