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Cable Internet Service now in Colchester Ontario!

Worry-Free Cable Internet


Now available Ultra Fast Cable Internet Services in Colchester Ontario from Wavedirect your local internet service provider. Wavedirect has been servicing the Windsor-Essex Country area for over 15 years and is offering new cable promotions for anyone looking for a fast, stable internet connection at a great price.



Cable Internet Services Colchester Ontario



We want you to enjoy all the benefits of web surfing and you can finally start watching streaming HD movies without any lag or buffering. Get great cable internet service with one of our home internet packages and say goodby to dial-up forever! You can now enjoy speeds faster than 50 Mbps vs. slower DSL speeds like 5 - 10 Mbps.




Who offers cable internet in my area? 


There are only a handful of internet providers in Colchester Ontario. We do know you're going to love our cable internet service by ensuring you are happy with 24/7 Technical Support and expert customer service. The best internet is waiting for you at Wavedirect check your postal code now directly from our home page for availability.


Stay connected and free up your home phone line with one of the best ISP's in Colchester. We offer unlimited data coupled with ultra-fast download speed. We truly care about our customer service and it is one of the many things that makes us different from our competition. We go above and beyond to ensure your service has the best signal strength possible, or we will simply won't install you as a customer.


If you have recently tried to get high-speed internet in Colchester and have tried calling Cogeco or Bell and they have no service in your area. Or your tried other internet service providers and they provided a bad internet experience for you, then please give Wavedirect a try, and you will quickly know we are offering reliability in everything is do.



Is DSL better than cable Internet?


No... in fact, it is a lot slower, as most DSL internet packages start at only 5 Mbps and may not have unlimited data as an option.


To get DSL in a rural area, the greatest coverage is usually only within 1km from the edge of town. Other than that your choices are pretty much limited to mobile data or LTE from a mobile wireless carrier. If no other options are available then fixed wireless internet can also be an option.


Your standard cable internet connection isn't found often in rural areas because of the costs involved. Running new fiber-optic lines or adding coaxial cable infrastructure can be expensive for any ISP who is dealing with a low populated area.



Is the cable for TV and Internet the same?


Yes, the same type of coaxial cable is used to transmit data for your television service and your home internet. Since the TV data only takes up a small portion of the cable line’s bandwidth, there is more "space" or bandwidth for the internet service to work within the same cable.



cable splitter



Usually, these coaxial cables are split up using cable splitters to route the different signals to the right areas of the home. Some will go to TV cable boxes and a mainline will go out to your home router to provide WiFi for all devices across your home.




Cable Internet Providers



Often these routers will also have many Cat5 cables connected to them so you can directly connect to the internet with a nearby computer with a blue cable.


Please know that every time you add a new device (wired or wireless) you are dividing your download speed across all devices. Most good speed test sites will show you how many devices you have connected to your network, for troubleshooting speed issues.


Join Us for Cable Internet Today!


Get ready for unlimited internet with the fasted download speeds, offered directly by us here locally at WaveDirect. Our motto has always been, "Internet for Everyone!" If you're out on a day trip to Colchester you can always visit all the amazing wineries in the local area or stop off for a bite to eat at the Colchester Bar & Grill.



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We want to see you choose the right internet plan for your usage, just call our friendly WaveDirect staff at 855.844.9283 and we will answer all of your questions right over the phone and get you scheduled for installation right away.



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