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Cottom High Speed Internet


Internet for Everyone!


Are you frustrated with your current internet provider, can only get dial-up in your rural area or looking for Rural High Speed Internet in Cottom? WaveDirect Telecommunications is a premium service provider of rural high speed internet for most of Southwestern Ontario.


Cottom High Speed Internet


We provide excellence in customer care with 24/7 technical support
and client dashboard to monitor all of your internet usage and all
plans come with 5 wavedirect email’s for personal or business use.

Internet Service Packages For Cottom Homes:

Unlimited 5: Rural Internet Package


Medium Browsing & Email :

A large step up from Dialup offering fair speeds that will allow for the
viewing of higher quality YouTube videos. VOIP is limited and Netflix
will not work with this package. Unlimited Data.

Unlimited 7: Rural Internet Package

Medium Browsing and Downloading:

On the higher end of average speeds, this package offers unlimited data
allowing you to have more downloading capabilities and the ability to
stream audio. Competitive online gaming will push the limits of this
package, VOIP and Netflix can sometimes buffer.

Unlimited 10: Rural Internet Package

Netflix & Gaming:

Designed to deliver very high performance, unlimited data and faster than
average speed. This package will deliver an above-average competitive
online gaming experience, great download capabilities and the ability to
watch high definition Netflix. There are very few limitations to this

Unlimited 15: Rural Internet Package *BEST PACKAGE*

Maximum Downloading & Entertainment:

Experience fast speeds for streaming, unlimited data, and overall best
performance. This package has few limitations and is designed to deliver
the ultimate internet experience for the power user. Take advantage of
all that the web has to offer *Overall, this is our best value for your

Unlimited 25: Rural Internet Package

Ultimate in Entertainment & Gaming:

This is our fastest package ever! Watch more movies, get faster with this
ultimate package. Unlimited data and our only package that offers a Static
IP address.If your family needs the best in gaming and online streaming this
is the right package for you.

We also offer a 30 Day Free Trial to get you connected at no risk or obligation to buy!


30 Day Free Internet Trial

Rural High Speed Internet