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Fiber to Home Internet Can Give You the High Speeds You Are After!

Fiber to home internet is truly a powerful innovation. Also called Fiber to the Home (FTTH) or Fiber to the Premises (FTTP), this technology allows for some incredibly fast internet speeds.

Fiber to the Home Internet

Today we're going to break down the basics of this internet technology and why you may want to consider it for your own home. You'll learn how it can help you game online, watch movies, and more, even if you live somewhere remote!

Fiber Optic Basics

As you likely have guessed, FTTH technology relies on what are called fiber optic cables. This is the technology that allows for the fastest internet speeds currently available.

Put (very) simply, these cables are made of glass and use light moving through them is used to transmit signals extremely quickly. Signal loss is very low too, which means fewer boosters need to be installed along their path.

Then technology is installed at the end of the line so the light can be reinterpreted as useful information again. A fiber optic setup basically allows for sending signals at what is basically lightspeed.

The only significant limitation is how fast the computer sending a signal is and how fast the computer receiving it is. Assuming a good internet plan is used, the wires only really become an issue if massive amounts of information are being sent (which won't be a problem for even most serious users).

Fiber to Home Connections

FTTH internet is simply the use of these cables to get an internet signal from a central location to homes. It is, generally speaking, the best type of connection a person can hope for.

Fiber optic internet can allow for speeds 20 to 100 times as fast as a person's next fastest option. Connection speeds can reach 100 megabits per second (Mps), far better than cable or satellite.

Pricing isn't prohibitively expensive either. For example, we offer fiber optic packages starting at less than $55 a month. For just $30 more a month, we're able to offer 120 Mps, a massive leap for customers coming from cable or satellite.

If you consistently are uploading large files online, such as onto YouTube, fiber optics are a gamechanger. What once took hours may only take a few minutes. Upload speeds can hit 10 Mps or more!

Once the actual wire is installed in your region, it doesn't particularly matter how remotely you live. You just need to be hooked to the cables, get an appropriate plan, and you'll be set. Signals travel so fast and strong down the wires that distance is basically a non-issue.

What Those High Download Speeds Mean

If you aren't tech-savvy, download speeds may not immediately mean much to you. In short, higher is better.

Once a user hits about 100 Mps, they generally won't have much internet trouble to speak with. Streaming, downloading, and gaming should all be consistently simple. Issues will only tend to pop up if something goes wrong with your connection or several people start straining your personal connection at once.

At 100 Mps, you can game online with virtually no lag (so long as your rig can handle whatever game you're playing). Videos should stream all the way through with no buffering. That's what we mean by "simple"; your internet experience becomes hassle-free.

We freely admit that not everyone needs that power and offer plans to accommodate those users too. If you only occasionally watch Netflix or frequent YouTube, a 40 Mps connection will usually serve your needs fine.

Netflix may occasionally see small connection issues at that level if several people use your internet at once but it won't be a huge issue for most small households and individual users.


The one real limit of fiber optic internet is availability. The technology is newer and might not be installed in your area. Unfortunately, this type of infastrurture can be fairly expensive for internet companies to provide in remote areas.

If you live in a rural community, it is very possible you won't have a fiber optic option in your region. While it's possible to get such cables installed in rural communities, it is a big and expensive undertaking.

This installation process is complicated. A normal consumer won't normally be able to just do it themselves (even ignoring the paperwork and permits that would be involved).

That said, there are increasing pushes to get fiber internet more widely available throughout the U.S. There are even a couple instances of communities banding together to collectively pay for the installation costs of the wires!

If fiber optic internet isn't available near you, you'll need an alternate internet plan. For those living in Ontario, we've still got you covered with our rural internet packages.

If download speed is a concern, our best rural plan still achieves a 25 Mps connection. As long as you don't really push your connection, this should still allow you and your family to stream and game. It just means you may not all be able to do so at once.

We Have All Your Internet Needs Covered

Fiber to home internet is the ideal for users to strive for. It's also recognized as some of the fastest internet technology can offer. We're always incredibly excited to discuss fiber optic plans with new and returning customers.

In addition, we also have non-fiber plans that still beat out most cable packages. Our rural plans can help customers almost anywhere in Ontario enjoy a quality internet connection!

If you live in Ontario, contact us and we can talk about what options you might have in your community. Slow internet can be a huge headache. Let's solve it together, Internet For Everyone!

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