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Fiber Internet Comes to Cedarhurst Park in Kingsville

Are you in a rural area next to Cedarhurst Park in Kingsville and looking for an internet upgrade? Wavedirect is very pleased to announce:

Fiber is on the way!

For Existing Customers:

Fiber internet is the fastest technology on the market today and it can mean a serious upgrade to your current internet service. If you are a current customer of Wavedirect you are already set for a major update. All you would need to do is sign a permission form for us to install the fiber conduit on your property.

Fiber Internet Cedarhurst Park in Kingsville

For New Customers:

We'd love to earn your business by providing you with incredible speeds! Imagine, Unlimited Internet with no data caps or overage fees at a great price. We will also be launching our IPTV services soon to bring even more entertainment to your family!

What is a fiber Internet connection?

Fiber-optic lines are far superior to other internet connections, such as a "coaxial cable connection" because of the increased rate of data speeds. Fiber converts electrical signals to light which travels through tiny glass filaments to produce very high Mbps (MegaBytes Per Second) and can even produce speeds up to 1Gig a second!

Fiber is the best internet option if you can get it. Most households choose cable internet since it is widely available. If you can’t get either, DSL is a workable backup option for most rural areas. In the Cedarhurst Park area in Kingsville Ontario, there are even some households on dial-up internet, which has the slowest Mbps service.

How much does Fiber Internet cost?

Wavedirect is very competitive when it comes to its pricing, we want the customer to have the best experience at a price point that is fair and affordable. Our new fiber packages will be priced accordingly:

  • Unlimited 30 - $54.95
  • Unlimited 40 - $64.95
  • Unlimited 60 - $74.95
  • Unlimited 120 - $84.95
  • Unlimited 1G - $94.95

All available packages are fast, reliable and completely unlimited, which means no data caps, or overage fees. Our home fiber services are subject to network availability.

Is Fiber Internet better?

I will put this into a real-world example for you, Let's say you want to download a 4Gb movie to watch with your kids. Its a Disney flick and is in Ultra HD 4k. With a slower cable connection, at 10Mbps this movie would take you just under an hour to download, 57:15 to be exact. Now the same 4K movie with a 1Gig Fiber connection would take you only 34 seconds to download!

34 Seconds!

Another interesting thing about fiber internet compared to DSL or cable is that it won’t slow down no matter how far you are from your ISP. If the fiber reaches you, you will most likely get something extremely close to your advertised speeds, unlike cable or DSL. If you know your current internet package speed, you can calculate how long it will take to download a file with this tool. You can change the setting to match your file size, internet speed and even the modem you are using.

Contact Wavedirect Today!

We want to provide you with the best internet service for your home. Please get this new service while it's still available with ultra-fast speeds and no month to month contracts. Get the best we have to offer, by getting into contact with one of our sales staff today!

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