What you need to know when looking for internet in Essex.

Are you an Essex resident looking for high-speed internet?

Whether you need internet for your home or business, consider a few factors to help decide which option is right for you.


It's important to consider your location when choosing an internet service provider. At over a million square kilometres, Ontario is one of the largest provinces in Canada, with varying coverage depending on where you are located.

Starting with your location will help you limit your search for the best internet service provider and will eliminate wasted time researching providers that just won't work for your home or business.

Internet Speeds

Next, you should consider the internet speeds that a provider can offer. Think about what download and upload speeds you require and if you may experience latency when using the internet.

If you need to download and upload files frequently, you should look for a provider with faster high-speed internet.

When looking for internet for a business, speed can be even more important. You may not have the time to wait to upload or download documents, so consider what speed options are available to you. At WaveDirect, rural customers are able to achieve up to 25Mbps download and urban addresses can achieve up to 180Mbps download.

Number of Devices

Along with speed, you should figure out how many devices can connect to your internet service provider at once. If you're shopping for home internet, think about the number of devices you and your family have and will connect to at any given time.

When it comes to buying business internet, you may need to support more devices for your equipment and employees.

If you run a cafe, restaurant, or any public space, decide if you want to allow customers to access the WiFi. The more people you allow on the network, the bigger plan you'll need!

You don't have to allow many people to use the internet. However, it's worth considering either way so that you can select the right internet service provider for you.

Connection Method

You might also want to think about what type of internet connection the provider offers. Cable is an excellent choice for a lot of residential and business internet needs in the Tecumseh region.

But there's also fibre internet, and fixed wireless connections. Each method offers unique benefits, so you can choose the connection that best serves you.

Wireless internet doesn't require any cables or physical connections beyond your router. Your devices can connect with a radio link, and the speed can be fantastic.

Cable internet uses cables, so it can offer a more stable connection. Meanwhile, fibre internet carries data in electrical signals, and those signals can provide a super fast connection.

WaveDirect offers a mix of cable and fixed wireless internet for Tecumseh residents depending on your location. Use the address checker at the top of the page to see what options are available for you.


Whether you're looking for wireless internet for your home or business in Tecumseh, you also need to think about the cost.

Before you go with the cheapest plan available, consider the value.

It might be worth spending more money for more speed. A more expensive provider might also be worth the price if they offer excellent customer service.

Consider your personal or business budget to help decide how much you can afford. As your family or business grows, think about if you can upgrade to a higher tier with the same provider so that you can meet your internet needs.

Customer Service

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a new ISP is the customer service that the company provides. If you encounter issues with your account or connecting to the internet, you need to know how you will be supported.

You should know when you can reach someone for immediate help and what you can do when help isn't available.

The best internet service provider will offer multiple support methods and will be transparent about how and when you can contact them for assistance.

The Best Wireless Service Provider in Tecumseh is...?

Are you ready to get or upgrade your internet at home or work? Consider everything from your budget to the number of devices you need to connect to the internet.

Use our address lookup and check out our packages to see which option we offer to suit your needs and your budget.