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9 Ways to Fix Slow Internet Speeds in Botany Ontario


There's nothing worse than trying to get some work done or stream your favorite show only to be slowed down by a bad internet connection. However, you shouldn't have to leave the house every time you need to go online!


If you are looking for rural internet in Botany Ontario, Wavedirect has good news for you! We are now in a major expansion into your area and all across the Chatham-Kent area.


fix slow internet speeds botnay


We always provide a Free 30 day Internet trial so that customers can try out our services risk-free for an entire month to prove that we provide the fastest, most reliable internet in the county.


We are hoping to have all the towers and infrastructure in place by the end of 2019, so we are taking new customer signups now. Once we are live, we can come and install the service for your home in Botany.


The good news is there are ways to fix your slow internet problems. In fact, many slow internet solutions are a lot simpler than most people would assume, although there are a few in-depth options that could be worth your while. 


The #1 thing to know about slow internet is that you don't have to deal with it any longer. The next time you struggle while sending emails or logging into your favorite online game, take a step back and use the tips below to figure out what's going on. 


9 Things you can do to speed up slow Internet in Botany Ontario.


1. Do Some Troubleshooting 


The first thing you should do when your internet starts slowing down is troubleshoot, which is much easier than it sounds. Basic troubleshooting tactics include:

  • restarting your computer
  • unplugging your router
  • swapping cables
  • test multiple devices one at a time for better connection


These tactics are super simple and, sometimes, just what your internet needs to work at a decent speed. They give your connection a reboot and get things back up to speed simply.


Not to mention, regular troubleshooting can help you better understand what part of your internet network isn't working well. As you start to troubleshoot more often, you start to notice which parts need to be replaced. 



2. See if You Have Malware 


Although troubleshooting can be effective, you may have to dig a little deeper in terms of software. The next thing you can do to fix slow internet is check for malware - aka a virus. 


It only takes one virus to completely shut down your internet, and they don't always come up as the in-your-face, spammy type of viruses most people look for. A virus may be hiding somewhere in your computer right now, without you even knowing. It's on you to learn how to identify and solve such issues and to better protect your computer against them.



3. Clear Your Cookies 


Speaking of protecting your computer, when was the last time you cleared your cookies? 


Cookies are not viruses. But, they can accumulate and slow down how your computer works. This affects everything from your wifi connection and streaming to how quickly you see words appear on the screen when typing your thoughts. We recommend using ccleaner.



4. Check Your Router 


The next way to speed up slow internet is to check your router. If the troubleshooting tactics mentioned above don't work, unplug the router and all its cables and place it elsewhere in your home. 


There's a slight possibility that your wifi connection is overlapping with your neighbor's, or that you just need to put your router closer to where you usually stream from.  



5. Disconnect a Few Devices  


Maybe it's not your router that you need to pay attention to, but all the devices that you're trying to connect to the wifi which your router provides. Think about it: between a laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, smart TV, and any home assistance tools you have, you're overwhelming your wifi. 


When you need fast internet, the best thing to do may be to disconnect other devices. Simply turn off their wifi functions and check your connection again. You may be surprised to find it's a lot better than you think! 



6. Learn How Bandwidth Works  


Bandwidth refers to the maximum rate of data transfer across a given path. The best way to understand bandwidth is to think of all the things that are running "in the background" of your computer and phone. 


For example, say your phone is working slowly for internet related functions and for other things. If you go to close out your apps and realize you have a bunch of different things open, that could be why. When you have so many things going on at once - even if you're not actively using them - you're stretching your bandwidth really thin. 



7. Use a New Web Browser  


Here's an interesting thought: maybe your slow internet has nothing to do with your devices or your router, but rather the web browser you're using. 


Try downloading a different browser and using that for a few days. You may be surprised to realize your old browser was outdated, or just not as compatible with the type of computer you have as another browser is. 


We really enjoy firefox and chrome as an alternative to the standard Microsoft Edge (Windows) or the now outdated internet explorer.



8. Call Your Internet Provider 


While you're switching web browsers, you may want to think about changing internet providers. This could be the shift you need to take care of your slow internet for good. 


Talk to your local friends and family about the internet they use. Ask them specific details about the plan they're on, how many devices they have connected in their home, and what they use their wifi for. It's much different to get a fast internet connection for gaming purposes, for example, then it is to get quick wifi for basic computer functions when working from home.



9. Work Somewhere with High-Speed Access  


If working from home is your main concern for fixing your slow internet, consider working out of the house from time to time.


While this doesn't do anything to improve your internet at home, it can help you get around the problem. It means you can jump into the work you need to take care of without having to worry about slow internet holding you back.



Say Goodbye to Slow Internet for Good 


Ready to say goodbye to slow internet? Great that's what Wavedirect is here for. Our motto is, "Internet for Everyone".


Wave Direct specializes in bringing high-speed internet to rural Chatham-Kent areas and especially the town of Botany Ontario. We can help you get the rural internet you need at an affordable, stress-free rate. 


Click here to contact us and fix your slow internet in Botany Ontario once and for all!

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