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How to Choose the Best Fixed Wireless Internet for Gaming


A majority of Canadians play video games. Yet, until recently, trying to find the best internet for gaming in rural areas was impossible. Now, with fixed wireless internet for gaming, it's not only possible, but it's also just as great in rural areas as in urban ones!


Gaming with Fixed Wireless Internet


Forget having to rely on a 4G dongle with their terrible data caps or satellite internet with its terrible latency. Our fixed wireless services give you high-speed, gaming internet in rural areas. 


Our towers are similar to cellular base stations. They are connected to ultra-fast fiber internet and then wirelessly transmitted over a wide rural area. All you need to have is a receiver on your home and a clear line of sight to the access point. 


If you've got those two things, you can get rural high-speed internet, no matter where you are! You can take a look at our coverage area to see if we cover your part of Southwestern Ontario!


If you're interested in getting started with online gaming in rural areas, you need to know what a good internet connection for gaming looks like. That's where we've got your back. Ready to start taking full advantage of your PC, Xbox, PS4, or Nintendo Switch?


Then read on and learn what to look for when you're shopping for the best rural internet for gaming!



Check Your Download and Upload Speeds


When you're shopping for fixed wireless internet for gaming, your eyes are likely drawn to the download speed first. We get it: no one likes waiting hours for that game to download from Steam. Upload speed is just as important for online gaming too.


You need to have a solid connection that can send your data to the server in a snap. It's not enough to only be able to receive data.


You will need an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps to enjoy online gaming to its fullest. All of our internet packages can hit this, so you should be all set to game once you are connected!


In terms of download speeds, you will need at least 3 Mbps to play online games.



Look for Internet With Low Latency


Gaming internet in rural areas is hard to find. Not only because of rural Internet's speeds, which are often lacking, but due to their high latency. 


What is latency? It's the time it takes for your data to reach the server from your computer. This is measured in milliseconds.


Satellite internet is famously bad for latency, which rules it out as a good option for online gaming in rural areas.


In videogames, your latency is referred to as ping: think of it like sonar. Your computer sends out a packet of data and measures how long it takes for the packet to come back to its source. 


While there are guides out there that can help you lower your ping, the best way to get lower ping is to have a faster internet connection. For the lowest possible ping in rural areas, we would recommend looking at our rural cable internet packages. These are blazingly fast and can give you responsive gameplay in even the twitchiest shooters.



Avoid Services With Data Caps


Although they are becoming less common than they once were, you should avoid any ISPs that have data caps. This is a great tip regardless of what you're going to be doing online, but it's crucial for gamers. Who wants to have fast internet, but not enough data to download the latest games?


This is especially important with games becoming bigger and bigger each year. Red Dead Redemption 2, one of the best games released last year, has a download size of 109 GB on PC. If you had a data cap of 500 GB, this game alone would eat up a huge chunk of your allowance.


Your games also use a startling amount of data when you're playing online. Signals have to be sent back and forth to the other players and the server. This means that an hour of Fortnite can rack up to 100 MB of data used.


Go over these data caps and you can rack up significant charges. Avoid them altogether by getting one of our connections with unlimited data!



Check for Jitter


Your connection to gaming internet in rural areas needs to be stable. This is measured with "jitter". Jitter is a measure of how stable your internet connection is.


Like latency, jitter is measured in milliseconds and is the rate at which latency can change from second to second. Ping should be stable if you want to enjoy online gaming in rural areas. Look for an internet connection that has a jitter numbering in single digits.



Get a Connection That Allows for Wired Connections


Wi-Fi is a fantastic thing. Rural Wi-Fi is a miraculous thing. If you want to game, you will ideally use a wired connection.


Wired connections have lower latency, are more stable, and are not subject to interference from things like microwaves. Your internet connection should allow for wired connections if you want to have the best online gaming experience.


All of our internet connections do allow for wired connections. When you receive the data from our hubs, we can feed a cable into your home. This will then be connected to the router and from there you can run ethernet cables about your house as you would with any other connection.



Fixed Wireless Internet for Gaming: The Best Solution


Fixed wireless internet for gaming is the best solution available in rural areas. All other options that are available to you will hamper your ability to enjoy online gaming in rural areas.


Almost all 3G and 4G connections will come with huge data caps. Satellite internet suffers from horrendous latency issues. 


Our connections are inexpensive, fast, and stable. If you're looking for the best internet for gaming in rural areas, then you need to come to us. If you have any questions about our services or availability, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!


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