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How to Get Free Rural Internet


Getting Internet Access for Rural Areas of Ontario


Sometimes living in the country can be a blessing with wide open spaces and plenty of room to breath. Everyone likes nature and the great outdoors, but what about getting broadband internet in rural parts of Ontario?


How to Get Free Rural Internet in the Country

The problem can be compounded when you run a family farm and can’t use a reliable internet connection. Often times Big ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) or Cable Companies will ignore these areas because the houses are few and far between. So, unfortunately, it’s not profitable for them to invest in the area.


A lot of farmers and business owners need internet access in the country. One farmer is quoted saying:


It would be nice to have the Internet there when you want it, and have capacity to do what you want to do in speed.


Wavedirect not only offers internet options for rural areas in Ontario but we have a stable, reliable connection that offers the same speeds as cable or DSL with unlimited data usage. From there you can use your new unlimited rural high-speed internet to stream videos or stay up-to-date on cattle and grain prices. Everyone in the home can finally enjoy Wi-Fi on their smartphones or use wireless internet for other devices with a router properly set-up in the home.

CBC News did a complete story around Ontario farmers and their lack of reliable cable Internet and how it is really harming their businesses. Calling it, “Long Overdue” and making a plea to the Federal Government.

Wavedirect is doing its part by offering fixed wireless to rural areas of Southwestern Ontario, our motto is “Internet for Everyone!


What is the best internet if you live in the County?


This is honestly a great question, but most people may not have the means to educate themselves on the differences between rural internet providers. I mean how could they? If they don’t have internet now, it's a little bit of a catch 22. If you do have the internet and you have the pleasure of reading this awesome blog post (wink wink.)


Here are some of the more popular rural internet options to consider.

  1. Usb Internet Sticks
  2. Cellular Rural Internet
  3. Satellite Internet
  4. Fixed Wireless Internet


1) WiFi Rocket Sticks:


These have advanced in technology some since the first days that they came out. They boast of speeds up to 150Mbps, but just because they are a wireless USB device, doesn't mean that they have coverage everywhere. Often times it is dependant on the Rogers wireless network and their coverage area.


2) Cellular Rural Internet:


Again depending on the cellular companies mobile coverage area, you may find your service to be a little spotty in rural parts of Ontario. That, plus the added expense of heavy data usage plans for each phone you plan to use in your quest for rural internet. This might be the least favorable option as it would be expensive for little to no access.


3) Satellite Internet:


The major difference between satellite internet and our service is that our signal does not get bounced off into space and back. Not only that but running satellites off into space can get expensive (Just ask Nasa!) Things like “direct line of sight” can be an issue too as you’ll need a clear view of the sky where the satellite is for a good connection. We find with that much distance to travel your internet can go from good to terrible in an instant.


4) Fixed Wireless Internet:


Wavedirect’s fixed wireless internet provides a stable connection to the “world wide web” through a small dish or antenna usually placed on your roof pointed at the main service tower. This tower is fed by the main fiber line that creates a bridge (point-to-point internet access) through radio waves, eliminating the need for phone or cable lines. Both satellite and fixed wireless require a dish or antenna. Both provide high-speed internet but as you can see fixed wireless would be more reliable as the service is connected to the main internet source and not traveling super long distances to reach your home.



Rural Internet Options Infographic


Infographic From Wavedirect Article: How to Get Free Rural Internet in the Country 

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Want us to Prove it?! Read on...


What is the Cheapest Available Internet Service?

How about a Free Rural Internet Package Trial!


WaveDirect telecommunications has always separated itself from the competition by offering Free Rural Internet for those in our service area for 30 Days! Just call one of our friendly staff to get started at 1.855.844.WAVE. You can even see if your postal code comes up in our service area to see if we are able to offer you Rural High-Speed Internet Free for 30 Days.


How to get Free Rural Internet?


In addition to the Free Rural Internet Trial we offer 24/7 Technical Support which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us with any technical issues you may be experiencing at any time, even during your trial period. If you like the service that we provide for you or your business, just call us back during at any time during the trial and tell us you would love to be our customer and we would love to have you!


Try Us Free For 30 Days of Free Rural High-Speed Internet!

Free Rural Internet Trial


We can help you decide which internet package is best for you and your family and talk to you more about how Gigabytes or How our Network works. We even provide all of our customers with a WaveDirect Email with access to Personal Webmail and a Dashboard to monitor your internet usage month to month.


WaveDirect Client Review From Facebook:

Rural High Speed Internet Review from Facebook


There are many positive reviews saying good things like this one: Fantastic install crew!

So professional and polite! Set up our desktop, wireless router and laptop for us! Able to stream Netflix with no worries now, which is difficult with only limited choices where we are….and it’s really fast!


Where can I Get Internet Service only?


Another pitfall we see in the internet industry is in bundled packages. In fact, we wrote an entire blog post about it called, Why Bundle Deals Are the Worst For Internet Services and it talks about the dangers of getting trapped into a bundle of services that you don’t need or want.


We also hear some horror stories of clients signing long term contracts, only to find their bundle's promo rate has expired after a year and they have to pay a new price for the rest of the contract term. Not Fun At ALL.

At Wavedirect we promise to provide only hassle-free rural internet with a lot fewer cables connected. Things like trying to switch your phone number from provider to provider because you are in a bundled package can be a nightmare.


All of our rural high-speed internet packages come with a 30-day free internet trial so you can be rest assured that you have the right internet service provider!


30 Day Free Internet Trial