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The Benefits Of High Speed Internet Access In Canada

Great news Rural Canadians! 

In a recent investment from the government, 3,500 households in 22 rural and remote communities will receive 10 million dollars towards high speed internet access.

This comes from the Connect to Innovate program, a program set to invest $500 million by 2021 into internet access for the rural and remote communities in Canada. 

High Speed Internet Canada

What are the benefits of this policy? 

Read on to find out why you might be on the market for this amazing internet service breakthrough. 

Understanding Internet Speed

It's 2017. A dial-up service isn't going to cut it anymore. 

When we talk about internet speed, we're talking about how many megabits per second (MBPS) when you're downloading or uploading data like:

  • Files
  • Websites
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Movies

Increasing your high speed internet access means lowering your blood pressure and keeping your sanity. You'll no longer have to wait nearly as long for a page to load like the old days. 

Benefits of High Speed Internet Access for Your Household

A residential plan does more than satisfying your family's impatience. It comes with a variety of advantages. 

You're enabling yourself access to the many luxuries of an urban development. 

A great internet access plan offers you to :

  • View more pages
  • Stay more in touch with your emails
  • Stream more videos
  • Download/Upload more content
  • Give meaningful purpose to your time online

You get fast, reliable access whenever you want. 

But, if you're not convinced, here are five good reasons your household will benefit from high speed internet access. 

1. Faster Browser Load Time

It's simple. When you have faster internet, your web pages load quicker. 

You won't have to worry about your pages freezing. You'll be reloading them a lot less often too. 

You're allowing yourself to keep multiple tabs open at once on a high speed plan, even videos and photos on different pages. 

2. Downloading and Uploading

Sending or having access to any audio, video, program, or essential software updates in minutes instead of hours. 

3. Streaming

Do you have a live stream or podcast you wish you could tune into? 

A high speed internet service allows you the fluent video and audio stream at any time. You won't have to worry about a stream turning on and off while you watch. 

4. Telephone Access

Put away any dial-up services you've used before. It's time to join the 21st century. 

With this service, you'll have the ability to talk on the phone while you use the internet. 

5. Support Multiple People Accessing at Once

The days of one person at a time are over. 

The capabilities of high speed internet access allow a whole family to have the internet without burdening the provider. 

Use your TV's streaming service, smartphone, and laptop all at once without a glitch in your connection. 

Improve Productivity for Your Business 

A high speed internet service isn't just for you to use at home.

A business plan is affordable and essential for you to carry out work in this digital age.  

1. Reliable Connection for the Whole Office

You want a dedicated high speed service for your business if you deal with anything online. 

No one can afford to slow down their networks from over-subscription. 

2. Symmetric Connectivity

If it were for your own personal use, you wouldn't need this. 

But, because you have to provide a stable network, high speed business plans offer symmetric connectivity. It offers higher speed upload and download times for the whole office. 

Employees share huge files at the work place, and a high speed internet access is necessary to increase productivity. 

3. Indulge with More Collaboration 

Collaboration in any working environment is the key to successful business. 

High speed internet magnifies this collaboration. 

Give your team the advantage by utilizing online conference calls and screen sharing while you work. 

With cloud technology and other internet platforms booming, the right service is needed to ensure these processes never fail. 

4. Work with the Cloud Technology 

Speaking of the cloud, have you even considered working with it? 

It's the latest business trend. A cloud network can process most of the information burdening your computers. 

High speed internet access makes you eligible to use a cloud network efficiently. It also saves you tons in hardware investment and IT maintenance costs. 

5. Boost Your Company's Brand

Many companies today have a large online presence. 

Do you?

High speed internet gives you the opportunity to raise a strong following on social media platforms and multimedia content on video sharing platforms. 

You want to have a fast connection to interact with your potential customers. 

6. Update All Forms of Communication 

Solving your high speed internet issue also brings an upgraded version of your older telecommunication platforms. 

A dependable download and upload speed suggest an even better phone system. 

Businesses today are taking advantage of VOIP phone systems and low costs. 

These features bring forth a newer, better way to conduct call routing, conferences, and integration. 

High Speeds Are No Longer a Luxury

The Canadian government knows the future central role for high speed internet access. 

It's an essential part of our daily lives. You need a good connection from personal uses such as entertainment, shopping, education, and health services. 

These connections allow us to innovate. It brings the world to a classroom, and it trains people for their future jobs. 

Achieving access in a rural area will help you cut back on those long trips to the urban centers for routine medical appointments. The doctor will now be able to communicate to you through their office. 

If you're an up and coming small business, you need this network to put a foot in the global market place. 

This is more than downloading music faster, it's a huge step to improving your life. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

We are the provider you're looking for and we offer some of the best rural broadband deals to prove it. 

Contact us today so we can help you towards the right service to meet your needs. 

Do you know any Rural Canadians who need to hear this great news? 

Help them out and share this article so they can learn about the opportunities awaiting them.  

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