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How to Get High-Speed Internet in Essex County Ontario


How do I get high-speed internet near me? If you're in Essex County, getting high-speed internet might seem like a dream that's never going to come true. It's a rural county and rural means no fast internet, right?


High Speed Internet in Essex County Ontario


Well, not anymore! There are multiple ways that you can get high-speed internet in Essex County Ontario, but only one of them offers you a reliable service. WaveDirect can give you that lightning-fast broadband that you've been craving.


Canada is ranked 13th in the world for internet speed. There's no excuse for the lack of broadband coverage in rural areas. We understand your frustration and we've got your back.


Ready to find out how you can get reliable rural high-speed internet? Keep reading!



Dongles and Satellite Internet: Not a Viable Option


If you're an Essex County home or business owner, you've probably searched high and low for ways to get high-speed internet in rural areas. When you've been searching, you might have been presented with the options of 4G rocket stick dongles and satellite internet. These do offer high-speed internet but have significant disadvantages.


Let's take a look.


Why You Shouldn't Pick Dongles


What are 4G dongles? These connect to mobile networks and then let your computer or smart devices connect to the internet through USB stick. Yet these are far from a perfect solution.


For a start, 4G coverage in rural areas of Essex County is hit and miss, which means that you would not get high-speed internet through a dongle if you live in an isolated area. You'd likely get low speeds and frustration, instead!


Dongles often come with restrictive data caps, too. If you were going to watch Netflix via a 4G dongle, you would hit that data cap in no time. After you've exhausted your allotted data, you could rack up serious bills if you continue using the internet.


There's also the fact that you can only use a dongle on one device at a time.



Satellite Internet's Problems


Satellite internet offers high speeds from anywhere on earth. You install a satellite dish and your internet is beamed to you from the heavens.


There are two main issues: satellite internet is very expensive and it can be extremely slow. Due to its long travel time, satellite internet has a high latency, which means it can't be used for gaming. Your data would take too long to reach the server and you would experience catastrophic lag.



How to Get Reliable Rural High-Speed Internet


We've talked about satellite internet and 4G dongles and shown you why these solutions won't give you the best high-speed internet service. So what will? What makes us different from other high-speed internet companies?


Instead of asking you to connect to a 4G base station or a satellite, we give you another option. You install a small dish on your home and you're installed. We can even help network your home and get you connected to a wireless router, giving you excellent Wi-Fi, wherever you are in your house.


The dish connects you to our wireless towers, which are connected to very high-speed fiber. All you need to connect to our tower is a clear line of sight, which is no issue, as we also have repeaters and secondary towers spread across our service area.


Once you've got the dish, you're covered throughout your entire home. You can connect your smart devices, computers, games consoles, phones, TV and more. The sky is the limit.


The best part of this is that there are no data caps, no sky-high latency, and no wallet-bursting costs. Our residential internet prices start at $59.95 per month with unlimited data and our business internet prices start at $79.95, with unlimited data. Even better is we offer everyone a Free 30Day trial to check out the service before signing up!


You don't even need a phone line to get access to our high-speed internet like DSL. There are no add-ons that are going to drive the price up and nothing that you don't need. No promotional pricing, or bundling tricks either, just a straight honest price with no surprises.


Take us up on our Free 30 day free trial for our home wireless services so that you can see how it works and get the speeds you expect!


If you'd like to learn more about how our rural high-speed internet works check out this blog article!



High-Speed Internet FAQs


You might have some questions about us and our services. In this section, we'll answer some of the most common questions that we're asked.


What Speeds Can I Get?


The speeds that you'll get will depend on how close you are to the base station and how clear a line of sight you have. In ideal conditions, you will get download speeds of up to 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 2 Mbps.


If multiple devices will be used at the same time, you may not get this speed on all devices.


What Areas Do You Cover?


Our rural internet services are available throughout Essex County. For more information, you can check our coverage map here.


What Kind of Support Is There If Something Goes Wrong?


We have skilled technicians and tech support operatives available all day, every day. If anything goes wrong, you can get in touch with us and we'll get it sorted in no time.


Is WaveDirect An Established Company?


We signed up our first customer 10 years ago and have grown dramatically since. Our technical team has a combined 22 years of expertise and we're happy to only offer the best high-speed internet services possible. If you sign up with us, never expect anything less than fantastic service.



Ready to Solve Your Internet Issues?


Getting high-speed internet in rural areas like Essex County is not just possible, it's easy! You've heard about our services, so why not give us a try?


We're sure that our 30-day free trial will show you exactly why you should choose us as your internet supplier. If you've got any questions about us, our services, or our free trial, then please get in touch with us!

We'll be happy to hear from you.



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