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Select your Location for Rural High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet in Amherstburg


Are you looking for High Speed Internet in Amherstburg but don’t have access to DSL or Cable? Many residential homes owners have chosen WaveDirect telecommunications as there rural internet provider.


Wavedirect has been around for over 15 years and provides reliable High Speed Internet Services in Amherstburg for homes and new business. If you are looking for internet in Amherstburg you can check your postal code to see if you are in our service coverage area.


High Speed Internet in Amherstburg


Free Wireless Rural Internet Trial


We even provide potential customers with a Free No Obligation 30 Day Free Internet Trial. Our company is always working to improve our wireless technology so you can have the most reliable connection in Amherstburg.


We know you are going to love our services right from the first phone call. We provide friendly 24/7 tech support and service that customers recognize. This is what truly makes WaveDirect different from its competitors. Our friendly staff makes us the #1 choice for internet in Amherstburg.


We want to ensure that you are happy with our free trial before you sign up for High Speed Internet in Amherstburg. With this in mind, we will be offering you our highest Mbps speeds from our Unlimited 25 internet plan.



Bringing "Internet for Everyone" in Amherstburg


Listen, we know living with out the internet can be a drag so here at WaveDirect, our motto is "Internet for Everyone". We want to bring you our fixed wireless service to new areas of Essex County Ontario. If you live in a rural area of Amherstburg and are stuck on dial-up or DSL try us today... So everyone in your home can enjoy reliable high speed internet.



High Speed Internet  Amherstburg


WaveDirect as a company prides itself on it's customer care with our 24/7 tech support center. You can be rest assured that all internet issues will be taken care of with ease. Just look at this recent facebook testimonial...


 “Had great service today from your installers today, Phil and Jagger! Thanks, WaveDirect!”
Brielle Hayes - Wavedirect Customer



Is Rural Wireless a Good Option for my Internet Service?


You may be wondering if rural fixed wireless is good enough for your internet connection. No one likes watching there favorite show on Netflix only to have it start buffering at the best part.


Any premium internet service providers in Amherstburg will tell you that, business and residential customers alike are looking for the following things in their internet service:


  • High Internet Package Speed (measured in Mbps)
  • Unlimited Data Plan
  • Monthly Internet Bill
  • Easy Installation and setup
  • Internet Reliability
  • 24/7 Tech Support and Customer Service
  • Regular Updated Routers and Modems


We will go through these customer pain points one by one so you will know our our rural high speed internet compares to other technologies. Let's get started...


Internet Package Speed:


Fixed wireless is a combination of towers or access points connected to main fiber internet lines. These very high bandwidth internet connections are what powers our access point tower locations. The internet is then transmitted to your home via radio frequency bands (900 MHz, 1.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and are picked-up by a small antenna or dish at your home.


As far as the internet package speed is concerned, our high speed internet in Amherstburg is faster than DSL and rivals the speed of cable. We offer high speed packages from 5 Mbps all the way up to 25 Mbps. High speed internet is just a phone call away 855.844.9283 !


Unlimited Data Plan:


Gone are the days of people putting up with data caps and overage fees. Although it is hard for internet providers to keep up with the growing demands of internet usage, punishing customers is not the way to go. Wavedirect has unlimited business and rural packages for anyone looking for a reliable high speed connection in Amherstburg Ontario.


Monthly Internet Bill:


Our month to month billing is simple and straight forward. You will get set up with your own Wavedirect customer dashboard so you can check up on things like billing, data usage, and your plans Mbps speed. We will provide you with 1 free month of service before any charges will show up on your bill and our pricing is affordable. We have comparative pricing with other internet providers in the Amherstburg area.


Easy Installation and Set-up:


Our installations are fairly simple to set-up. We come to your location, in professionally Wavedirect work clothes, a clearly mark van and begin the installation of rural high speed internet for your home. A small dish antenna will be placed either on your rooftop or TV tower. We ensure you have both the best signal strength and speed for your internet. If any line of sight issues come up during the installation we will discuss your options with you. If we can't ensure that you have the best internet in Amherstburg Ontario then we will not proceed with the 30 day trial.


Internet Reliability:


New updated technology and reliable internet plans is how we built Wavedirect from a start-up company to the large ISP it is today. Our internet packages in Amherstburg Ontario are resting on 15 years or more of infrastructure upgrades and the latest technology available today to WISP internet providers.


Customer Service & Tech Support:


At our main location, we have a large tech support call center with highly trained individuals to troubleshoot any technical issues you may be having. Our support line is 855.844.9283


Regular Updated Modems & Routers:


Sometimes, routers and old modems can get outdated with new WiFi technology and faster speed. Wavedirect has introduced a modem rental program so that you are always current and up to date with the latest technology. This also makes it very easy for us to troubleshoot routers that we are familiar with. This way we both know you will have the best internet experience with our monthly plans.


Contact Wavedirect Today!


If you have been sitting on the fence about signing up for Rural High Speed Internet in Amherstburg, please give our sales staff a call 855.844.9283 and talk with someone today about any current promotional offers we may have for the folks in Amherstburg Ontario.


30 Day Free Internet Trial