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Select your Location for Rural High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet in Ruthven

WaveDirect provides High Speed Internet in Ruthven Ontario for homes and businesses who can not otherwise get an internet connection. We can provide our reliable high speed internet service via short wave point to point satellite.

High Speed Internet Ruthven

We offer a free site inspection for set up and installation of our satellite internet equipment risk with a free 30 day trial. We will determine the best signal strength, internet connection and answer any questions.

Again, the service is yours to try risk free, no obligation
to buy or fees. We are so sure you are going to love our high speed
internet service we want to get your internet connected today!


With major advancements in technology and new WaveDirect towers going
up frequently we are able to provide reliable internet to people who
have no other means to connect.


We have a few Options for both residential and business internet
packages and you can have a quick look at what might suit your needs


High Speed Internet Packages Ruthven


Home Basic Internet Package: Surfing the Web, Email, Chat

Home Standard Internet Package: Online Videos, Skype, Downloading

Home Ultra Internet Package: Webinars, Heavy Downloading / Uploading

Home Entertainment Package: Netflix, Streaming, Max Downloading / Uploading

Entertainment Plus Package: Experience the Best in all Things Media



Compare all of our High-Speed Rural Internet Packages at a Glance! Give WaveDirect a call for high-speed internet in Ruthven at 1.855.844.9283 to Sign Up today!


30 Day Free Internet Trial

Rural High Speed Internet