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Rural High-Speed Internet in Stoney Point


WaveDirect provides Rural High-Speed Internet in the Stoney Point area for homes and businesses who are stuck on dial-up or currently do not have any internet connection at all.


Rural High-Speed Internet in Stoney Point

We have been on a mission to provide reliable rural internet for people without any access in Stoney Point Ontario. Homeowners usually ask us a few standard questions like.. “What is the best rural internet service provider for our area?” or “What options are available for rural internet access?” 


Let’s answer both questions for you, right now!


What is the Best Rural High-Speed Internet?


To answer this question we will need to have a look at the different types or rural internet technologies, so very quickly they are:

  • Fixed Wireless Internet (WISP)
  • Satellite Internet
  • LTE WiFi Rocket Sticks
  • Mobile Internet


So unless you want a really large phone bill, I would rule out the last option right away. Although your mobile phone can provide you with some basic internet on your smartphone, you wouldn’t want to use that as your main source of internet connect for your home, it is just not practical.


Most consumers today are looking for unlimited rural internet in Ontario as they want to know that they won’t get charged any overage fees or have to watch their internet usage for silly data caps that can get annoying. 


Wavedirect is one rural internet provider that provides internet packages that are completely UNLIMITED! We like it that way, our motto from day one has always been, “Internet for Everyone!


Fixed Wireless Technology


You should know that we are a fixed wireless internet provider (WISP) which means that we set up local towers in the Lakeshore Ontario area that are fed by very high-speed fiber internet lines that are used then to provide internet access to your home or business with a small dish on your roof pointed to the AP (access point) tower. 


Fixed Wireless has always been seen as reliable because ultimately its fiber and has a very short distance to travel from the internet tower directly to your home. The only concern is making sure you have a good line of sight from your home to the nearby internet tower infrastructure. 


We offer a free site inspection where we set up and install our fixed wireless internet equipment risk-free for a Free 30Day Internet Trial. During that time we determine you are getting the best signal strength, internet connection and answer any of your questions all while respecting your home and privacy.


Again, the service is yours to try risk-free, with no obligation to buy or upfront fees. We are so sure you are going to love our rural high-speed internet service! We want to get your home or business connected with reliable internet today!


Ok, we cover fixed wireless but... What about the other internet technologies?


Satellite Internet Technology


Satellite Internet generally relies on three primary components: 

  1. A Satellite out in Space
  2. Ground Stations
  3. Small Dish on Your Home


The Satellite: typically out in space and orbiting around the earth. The high-powered GEO satellites are positioned 35,786 kilometers (22,236 mi) above the equator, which means that they have a very far distance to travel before reaching your home. 


This has always been the issue with satellite internet, the travel time creates a time lag for the signal to travel to space and back, this ultimate creates latency in your signal which can cause poor connections and really slow down your connection. Not Good! 

Ground Stations: generally known as gateways collect all the data via radio waves coming back from space and relay that Internet data back to the home requesting the information via the small antenna at the subscriber's location. 


Small Dish: Both fixed wireless dishes and satellite dishes look very similar and often times people can confuse the two technologies... but at their core, they are very different technologies on how the internet is delivered. Sometimes people even confuse fixed wireless and WiFi as the same thing, even though they are not.



Fixed Wireless Vs Satellite Internet Dishes



With major advancements in WISP technology like beamforming and new WaveDirect towers going frequently, we are able to provide reliable rural internet to people who have no other means to connect to the internet.



Rocket Sticks (Another form of Mobile Internet)


So although they are separate products LTE Rocket Sticks and Mobile Internet use the same technology to bring you the internet to your home. Whether you need a connection for yourself on the go or want to power up the cottage with Wi-Fi, both products rely on two things…

  1. The Mobile Tower Coverage in your area
  2. The Data Plan that you sign up for


Mobile Internet plans and these internet devices go together to try and bring you the internet to remote places. Agreed all technologies have gotten better with time, however, I would do some research on mobile network coverage as well as the type of data plan you would need to cover internet usage for your entire household.


Probably not a great option if you are looking for business internet packages either. These devices simply were not made for the demands of multiple users streaming high-def television or media services like YouTube at 1080p. These are single user devices created for people who need access to email or do some simple surfing online.


What is the Best Rural Internet Service Provider for our Area?


We certainly think WaveDirect is your best option for Stoney Point Ontario! But, we want to prove it to you with our Free 30Day Internet Trial.


We have a more than a few options for both residential internet plans and business internet and you can have a quick look at what package will suit your needs best. If you want to jump on a call we can help you decide before you start your free trial.


Our rural residential plans are backed by 24/7 technical support. Our technology is always on the cutting edge of what is new offering Download Speeds to up to 25 Mbps and Uploads of up to 2 Mbps! Also, all of our plans are completely UNLIMITED! So there is no need to monitor internet usage anymore. We will also set you up with Email so you can communicate across the web.


Residential Country High Speed Internet Packages


We also offer 5 Rural Internet Business Packages for anyone operating a business in Stoney Point Ontario. Imagine having your day to day operations run smoother with real "peace of mind" knowing that you now have reliable rural high-speed internet to not only get things done but have them completed quickly. Emails, Cloud Computing, Accounting, Software Downloads, and Online Skype Meetings are all now possible with WaveDirect.


Business Country High Speed Internet Packages


Give us a call today WaveDirect a call at 1.855.844.9283 to Sign Up today!


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