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High Speed Internet Lighthouse Cove

We are bringing Rural High-Speed Internet to Lighthouse Cove with WaveDirect’s Free 30 Day Internet Trial

you can surf the internet all you want Free for 30 Days! We always provide amazing customer service and we know you are going to love using the internet.

High Speed Internet Lighthouse

If you are currently on dial-up or in an area where you thought there are no internet service providers, you can call WaveDirect and get signed up today with your free trial…

the best part of all of this is you will finally get to see what you have been missing without high-speed internet to get things done. You can email, use social media, help your kids with school projects and even watch movies online!


How does fixed wireless internet work?

Fixed wireless internet (also known as wireless broadband) resembles satellite internet in the sense that the customers will have a dish somewhere on their property (typically on the roof of a house/building) to receive a signal. Instead of the dish receiving the signal from a satellite in orbit somewhere, the dish receives its signal from a nearby tower on-land.


How does fixed wireless broadband compare to wired broadband?

As we just learned, the structure of wireless broadband internet consists of a dish on a customer’s property pointing to a nearby tower. Wired broadband internet means, well, nothing’s transmitted wirelessly. There’s an actual cable such as a fibre line, coaxial line, or DSL line directly to the customer’s house or business.

Quality Difference Between the two

Let’s start with wired broadband. I'll have to summarize as this could be a whole article on its own. As a general rule-of-thumb with the exception of DSL, ISPs that offer wired broadband connection plans offer much higher speeds for less of the cost of those that offer wireless broadband plans.

The downside of wired broadband is that building the infrastructure often involves high costs and high-level of engineering making it a worthwhile investment for only highly populated areas. Leaving rural areas with little to no options for good high-speed internet.

Fixed Wireless Internet

In the old days of fixed wireless internet, you would expect extreme amounts of interference, low bandwidth capacity and often high latency … so, in other words, it was not even close to being able to support things like online gaming and streaming as we've grown accustomed to nowadays.

WaveDirect Telecommunications uses the latest technologies to support its high-speed and high bandwidth capacity wireless network. Rural residents in Lighthouse Cove Ontario now have access to unlimited rural high-speed internet connections comparable to many cable internet plans that urban residents have access to.

Did I just mention Unlimited Internet? I sure did! All of WaveDirect’s rural internet plans come with Unlimited Data which means you'll never need to worry about overage fees.


What is possible with WaveDirect’s Rural Internet Service?

Streaming Premium Quality Video

Whether streaming to you means your choice of a legitimate IP-TV service, Online Premium Entertainment supplier, for example, NetFlix or Amazon Prime, or the most cat fails and bloopers on YouTube you can enjoy any of these without limit with WaveDirect Internet. WaveDirect provides the best plan options to ensure you can get the service that best suits your streaming needs.

VoIP Home Phone

Voice Over Ip (VoIP) phone lines require the most reliable and stable internet connections. Any spike in latency or insufficient bandwidth supply can cause unwanted disconnections and feedback. With WaveDirect’s high-speed and unlimited internet plans you can be confident that most VoIP setups will work amazing in your home unlike with other rural internet providers. Small towns like Lighthouse Cove now finally have internet options to support VoIP home phones and even VoIP for small businesses.

Online Gaming

A bad internet connection can ruin your gaming experience. The internet is filled with vlogs, blogs, threads regarding this topic. People get banned from servers and often loose unfairly to online matches because of lag or event complete disconnections. This issue is even more prominent for gamers in rural areas because cable and fibre internet providers often have no presence out in the counties.

WaveDirect offers reliable rural internet for gamers. Wireless connectivity no longer means being subject to consistent interference and slow speeds with WaveDirect’s newest and state of the art implemented technologies for rural internet.


What if you were to ever run into Technical issue?

WaveDirect prides themselves for providing exceptional customer Support. Whenever you encounter any issues or just have a question simply call the Technical Support line at 519.737.9283 (Technical Support).


Amazing Internet Service for beautiful Lighthouse Cove.

Beautiful aerial footage of Lighthouse Cove.


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