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Rural High Speed Internet Wheatley


WaveDirect is a rural ISP for residents of Wheatley Ontario and provides reliable internet for both homes and businesses in the area. Our rural high-speed internet service is available for rural residents of Wheatley on a Free 30Day Internet Trial.


That’s right, you can try our reliable internet service risk-free for 30 days with no obligation to buy or sign-up!


High Speed Internet Wheatley


We also have many people switching over from other local providers because of high data caps or lack of internet quality. Make the switch to us for a more reliable connection, today with unlimited data and faster speeds


Our customer service department has grown and is trained to answer all of your internet-related questions or technical issues anytime you need us 24/7.


The Difference between Fixed Wireless Internet and Satellite Internet


Most people in rural areas are happy to free up their home phone line by getting off dial-up internet, but there are some major differences between rural internet technologies. Some homeowners, don’t know that fixed wireless can get you better internet speeds than DSL internet. Or what the differences are between fixed wireless and satellite internet.


You can read the article above, in that last link to get the full story, but the short version is this. Fixed wireless has a very short distance to get to your home. Basically traveling from the base tower to your home wirelessly. 


Often times the distance from your home to the access point is less than 10 miles, for satellite internet, this is not the case. In fact, the distance on average that your signal has to travel, from outer space and back is 22,236 miles. That is a long distance and things like latency can really affect your signal.


As you can now see there are some major differences between rural internet providers and how they deliver the internet to your home or business. 



Getting Internet Access from the Best Rural Provider


We have had tremendous growth in the last few years with both our customer base and our New building located right here in Essex County Ontario. We are constantly upgrading our technology to serve more areas and increase download speeds.



We want to be the #1 provider for rural broadband internet for the Wheatley area. Again we offer internet plans for both residential and businesses in the local area. Our motto is, “Internet for Everyone” as we know there are people without any access to cable internet or fiber. 


We would love to make you our next customer and get rural internet access to your home! We are sure you will enjoy the fast reliable service we provide the fastest internet with unlimited data.


If you are looking for rural internet in Wheatley, Call WaveDirect today to start your Free 30Day Internet Trial and without having to sign a contract. 1.855.844.9283


30 Day Free Internet Trial

Rural High Speed Internet