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Improve Your Rural Internet Speed in Chatham Ontario

A fiber internet survey by Chatham-Kent’s Economic Development Services shows that there’s a strong need for high-speed internet, even in rural agricultural sectors. We still have a lot of places across Chatham-Kent Ontario that are still on dial-up internet.

Rural internet coverage can be unreliable, and even in some places, communities are losing the internet they have now. Despite this, people are making do with what they have by using a variety of internet boosting techniques.

If you're curious about what you can do to improve your rural internet connection, read on to find out.

Improving Rural Internet

There are some initiatives in place to improve rural internet access, but those programs can take time to get started. People need improved rural access now, and Wavedirect is here to help.

Before we get started, it's important to note that you should bring any and all connectivity issues to your current provider, if you have one. There could be a way for them to fix the problems you're experiencing.

If you've already gone down that route, there are certain simple things you can do to strengthen your rural internet connection.

You can also try out these internet speed tips right now.

Test Your Speed

Do you have an internet problem, or do you have a device problem? It can be tough to tell if your internet is truly slow or if it's your devices that are causing the problem.

Luckily, a simple speed test can answer that question.

Do a quick speed test on all of your internet capable devices. If you notice that it's slow on every device, you have an issue with your internet. If the speed is at a good level you may want to think about clearing our cache or even purchasing a new computer or phone if it is really outdated technology.

Rethink Router Placement

Router placement can dramatically affect the power of your internet connection on phones and computers throughout your home. in fact, we wrote an entire guide on how to get faster WiFi speeds from your router.

If you want to have a strong signal, make sure you place it somewhere out in the open. Avoid placing it behind cabinet doors or thick brick walls.

Also, try to place it in the centre of the house. That way each room will have an equal amount of wireless signal. And don't forget, it's also possible to wall-mount some routers.

Double Check Your Router

Sometimes the answer to your internet problem may be something simple. When you start to notice issues with speed, check your router settings.

You may have accidentally switched on an energy-saving setting that's weakening your signal. A cord could be loose and causing issues.

Update Your WiFi Router

The weak signal you're getting may not be caused by the provider or placement of your router, it could be the router itself.

There are always tech changes in the wireless world. A router that's a year old could already be out of date.

If you have an old router, or simply have a weak signal, it may be time to purchase a new one.

Avoid Interference With Other Devices

Is your router set up next to your cordless house phone? Is it near a wi-fi capable gaming device or even a microwave?

Other appliances and devices can have strange effects on your wireless signal. They may be interfering or blocking with wireless transmission.

This is another reason why it's important to keep your router in a clear, unobstructed place.

Update Your Password

You may not think that neighbours would be a problem when it comes to rural internet. But you just need one active unauthorized user to cause problems with your internet strength.

You should password protect your wifi even if you live in a relatively isolated area. People driving by purposely looking for free wi-fi could access it and cause problems with speed.

There are ways to see if other people are using your internet without your permission. Be sure to check so you can see if that's the cause of your signal issues.

Regulate Bandwidth Heavy Programs

Do you have someone that likes to play MMORPGs in the house? Is Netflix almost always playing on TV or a mobile device? Some of your favourite programs and games could be slowing down your internet.

There are some programs that use a lot more bandwidth than others. Luckily, there are ways to ensure they don't suck up too much of your internet.

Your router should have a quality of service (QoS) feature that can prioritize bandwidth uses for certain programs. You may want to give more bandwidth to a video chat service, and less to a streaming one.

Amplify Your Signal

Did you know that there are a variety of everyday objects that could help boost your signal?

A cooking strainer can help boost the signal throughout your house. Some people have even used beer cans to help amplify the signal throughout their homes.

Do a quick search for household DIY WiFi hacks on YouTube. You'll find a variety of simple and safe ways to improve your rural internet.

Make A Wi-Fi Repeater

Do you have an old router in your house? It may be a bit outdated, but it could help improve your internet if you pair it with a newer router.

People have been using multiple routers to make Wi-Fi repeaters for their home. Essentially, you simply set up another router to help improve internet reception in your home.

For the best outcome, place the extra router in a room that already has a weak signal. You should see your internet connection improve in no time.

Regularly Reboot

When you start to notice a lag in service it's time for a reboot.

It's possible to schedule your router to reboot on a schedule. You could program it to reboot late at night so it doesn't disturb daytime usage. Some people find a weekly reboot is enough, others reset their routers every day.

You may also want to try rebooting the device you're using itself.

Wrapping Up

Rural internet speeds and coverage may not be ideal, but there's a lot you can do to improve the signal in your home.