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Internet for Rural Areas: Tips for Choosing a Provider


Over 3 billion people around the world are using the internet. That number is becoming progressively less surprising given how much of our lives rely on being online.


Internet For Rural Areas


Sending emails, video chatting, updating social media profiles, running businesses, and streaming the latest episodes of whatever show you're watching are just a few examples of why having access to quality internet is important.


With all of the benefits the internet provides us, it can be a stressful process finding the right internet service provider. Especially when considering internet for rural areas.


If you live in a rural area and are in the process of shopping for a quality service provider to meet your internet needs, look no further than this guide. It offers advice on the top things you need to consider to make the right choice!



1) The Speed You Need


Internet service comes in a variety of speed packages to meet the needs of different people. Understanding the amount of speed you need is essential when picking the right package.


Many people are tempted to go with the cheapest packages when purchasing internet services. Going that route may leave you frustrated in the long when you're not able to do the things you want online.


To get a better understanding of what the minimum speeds you need are for the activities you'll be performing online, the FCC has published recommendations.


Note that recommendations are based on single users so if you have multiple users in your house, you'll want to more speed than is suggested. Also, minimum speeds do not mean an optimal experience. If you want buffer free internet then you will want more speed than the minimum.


A quality service provider can walk you through their packages and help you pick the right speed for your lifestyle!



2) What's Available in Your Area?


The means in which you're getting your internet can have an effect on what you can expect.


Below are the common mediums people use to get their internet in order from slowest to fastest:



Dial-up internet uses your phone jack to get you online. While this was originally the most popular way to access the internet, dial-up has long since been left in the dust. Its bad speeds are only suitable for the most basic of web use and even then, expect delays.


Satellite Internet:

Satellite internet is an upgrade over dial-up and popular as far as internet for rural areas go given that it can be set up almost anywhere. The downside to satellite internet is again, speed.

Speeds for satellite internet can vary but generally, you're going to get slower upload and download time than you would with a broadband connection.

Another thing to consider with satellite internet is that bad weather can have an effect on your ability to get online. This can be a deal-breaker if you need a reliable connection for work.



DSL or Digital Subscriber Line internet is a big improvement over dial-up and satellite in terms of its reliability and speed. It uses an Ethernet cable to bring you high-speeds and weatherproof internet access that can be fast enough for streaming movies, gaming, and managing important day-to-day business functions.


When you're considering internet for rural areas, you'd be hard-pressed to find an option that combines availability and quality more so than DSL.


Cable Internet:

Cable internet provides speeds that can be faster than DSL and is a good choice for people living where cable is available. Therein lies the catch. The infrastructure required for cable is generally available only in high population areas. We have recently added cable internet to our list of services, but also want to continue to provide internet services for people in rural areas as well.


If you need internet for rural areas, you may not be able to access cable internet. We have made it easy for any customer to see what type of internet is available in their area, by checking your postal code direct from our homepage.



Fiber-optic internet or "Fiber" is the fastest internet you can get. Fiber, while undeniably fast, can be expensive and is scarcely available even in major cities.

Fiber-optic internet is not an option for internet in rural areas.



3) Internet Up-time


The amount of up-time your internet experiences means how reliable your connection is. Some internet service providers have frequent outages which can keep you and your family offline.


When choosing an internet service provider, ask them the percentage of time their internet is up to get a sense of whether or not that number works for you.


Note that some downtime can be caused by scheduled maintenance. This maintenance is conducted to ensure that your internet continues to function at the speeds you expect. Maintenance will generally be conducted during low internet use periods so this downtime may not affect you.



4) Price


When looking at price, it's important that you consider the quality of product you're getting for your money.


Low prices may be attractive but with those prices often come short-term promotions that will cause rates to go up after your service contract expires.


Be sure to look carefully at what you're being offered when purchasing an internet package and understand that the lowest price a provider offers doesn't necessarily represent the best value.



5) Quality of Service


Not all internet service providers are created equal in terms of the products they provide or the quality of service you can expect from them.


It's important when picking internet for rural areas that you do business with a provider you feel understands your needs, takes care of problems quickly and makes sure you feel valued.



To Wrap It Up


When shopping for internet for rural areas, there are a variety of things to consider to make sure that you're getting the best package and provider.


Understanding what you need out of your internet connection is the biggest key to finding a provider that offers a product that will work for you.


WaveDirect is a quality provider of internet services specializing in rural areas within Essex County Ontario and offer Cable Internet for most areas.


If you're looking for a quality rural internet service provider that offers excellent products and superb customer service, get online with us today! We offer packages for residential and business internet and offer a 30-day free trial to all new customers!


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