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New Internet Services in Merlin Ontario!


Wavedirect Internet is Now Available in Merlin:


If you’re frustrated by the lack of reliable internet service providers in the Merlin Ontario area, then we have some great news for you.


After countless days of hard work and sleepless nights, our team has finally expanded our infrastructure to serve blazing fast internet to the residents of the Merlin Ontario community.


Internet Services Now Available in Merlin Ontario


From keeping in touch with our loved ones to attending work meetings — internet connectivity has become a fundamental part of our lives. That’s why we believe that access to fast and reliable internet is not just important, but necessary in 2020 and beyond.


To bridge that gap for the residents of Merlin, our team is excited to present the following services:



Residential Internet


Whether you want to browse your favorite websites or stream some 4k videos, you’ll find a residential plan that’s perfect for your needs.


The first step, however, is to choose the right type of internet, and we have two options for our residential customers in Merlin:



Rural Internet (Fixed Wireless)


Unlike many ISPs who use satellites to power their rural internet, we are using fixed wireless technology to serve the needs of our customers in Merlin.


Why? Because fixed wireless technology allows us to offer blazing fast internet that’s simply not possible with satellite connections.


Here’s a quick breakdown of our Rural Internet plans:


  • Unlimited 5:    5 Mbps Down, 1 Mbps Up, $59.95
  • Unlimited 7:    7 Mbps Down, 1 Mbps Up, $69.95
  • Unlimited 10:  10 Mbps Down, 1 Mbps Up, $79.95
  • Unlimited 15:  15 Mbps Down, 2 Mbps Up, $99.95
  • Unlimited 25:  25 Mbps Down, 2 Mbps Up, $109.95



While rural internet is more expensive than cable internet, it does offer a few advantages:


  • The setup is hassle-free as you won’t have to deal with eye soring tangles of cables.
  • You get a dedicated connection to our tower. That means you’ll always get the full speed you paid for, as the usage of other customers has zero impact on your line.


With that being said, some of you might find the receiving dish an eyesore to the aesthetics of your home.



Cable Internet Services


If you’re looking for something faster, more reliable, and far more affordable than fixed wireless internet, then you simply can’t go wrong with our residential cable options.


Here’s a quick breakdown of our Cable Internet plans:


  • Unlimited 20:      20 Mbps Down, 2 Mbps Up, $44.95
  • Unlimited 30:     30 Mbps Down, 2 Mbps Up, $54.95
  • Unlimited 40:    40 Mbps Down, 3 Mbps Up, $64.95
  • Unlimited 60:    60 Mbps Down, 5 Mbps Up, $74.95
  • Unlimited 120:  120 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up, $84.95


The setup is quick and easy as well, especially if you already have a cable television connection — in which case our team will connect the modem to it.


Considering all that we’ve mentioned so far, cable internet might seem like a flawless solution. However, as with all things, there are a few drawbacks.


For instance, too many users on the network can bring down the speed for everyone, as cable internet has shared bandwidth. Plus, you may not like having a cable running through your living room.



Business Internet - Rural Internet


We know your business has unique needs that can only be served with a dedicated solution. With our business internet, a dedicated solution is precisely what you get.


For instance, you’ll get a dedicated connection so your internet is always running at its fastest. You can also get a dedicated IP to make your connection more reliable and secure.


Since businesses and office blocks lack the cable TV infrastructure, our business internet is powered with the same fixed wireless technology used for our residential rural internet.


Here’s a quick breakdown of our Business Internet plans:


  • Unlimited 5:    5 Mbps Down, 1 Mbps Up, $79.95
  • Unlimited 7:    7 Mbps Down, 1 Mbps Up, $89.95
  • Unlimited 10:  10 Mbps Down, 3 Mbps Up, $99.95
  • Unlimited 15:  15 Mbps Down, 3 Mbps Up, $119.95
  • Unlimited 25:  25 Mbps Down, 5 Mbps Up, $169.95


While the business internet may seem expensive, its reliability is going to help you save a lot more by preventing a network downtime during a critical business transaction.


4 Reasons You’re Going to Love the WaveDirect Experience


Our customers love the WaveDirect experience because of our:


  1. Blazing Fast Internet -  We offer some of the best download and upload speeds in town.
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth - None of our plans have a data cap, period.
  3. Transparent Pricing - What you see is what you pay. We’ll always tell you how much you’re going to be charged and when.
  4. Qualified Support - Not only do we offer 24 hours of technical support, but our staff is made of experts who can solve from the simplest to the most complex problems for you.


We have no doubt whatsoever that you’re going to love our services. That’s why we’re offering a risk-free, a deposit-free, and a hassle-free trial for 30 days for anyone interested in our fixed wireless rural service. If you are in an urban area you can get signed up with our ultra-fast cable internet.


That’s right! You can see for yourself what the WaveDirect experience is all about without risking so much as a penny.


Get in touch with our team to ask about new sales promotions, or start a 30Day Rural Internet Trial Today!

30 Day Free Internet Trial