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Internet Packages Ontario


WaveDirect Internet Options for Rural Ontario

How to Choose the Best Internet Packages


There are several internet service providers in Ontario with different technology options for Rural Internet all across the Ontario region. These internet service providers usually include high speed internet plans & internet deals for both residential and business users.


Man Thinking about Internet Packages

They also may offer you an “internet bundle” that may include things like TV, Internet and Home Phone Line. They may even try and sweeten the deal by giving you better long-distance rates. After that rate changes back to full price, you are going to get a surprise. Mainly your charges for your new long-distance calls. No Fun at all.


It might also be wise to check if you get to keep your old phone number before getting into a bundle and see if they can through in other free options like call waiting. 


These residential internet packages can seem attractive at first because of the introductory offer. Trouble is, they most often require a longer contact and when the promo price expires you're forced to pay the inflated price for many years.


Something to watch out for as this has always been “a trick up the sleeve” of most ISPs... 



Who is the best Internet provider in Ontario? 


I guess that is a pretty subjective question to ask, but at WaveDirect we don’t see any advantage in luring customers into a contract with a lower rate, only to hold them hostage later by making them pay a higher price down the line.


You get the point, our price is our price. It’s straightforward business and the latter is not the best idea for customer service or even making them happy clients.


This article aims to inform you on how to make the best decision possible for internet packages in Ontario. Here are some questions to ask your next potential internet provider in Ontario. 



Checking the Company’s Internet Service Area


Before we get started talking about any internet contracts, terms or package options, we have to start at the beginning. It's always best to check internet availability FIRST in your rural area of Ontario. This should be done before starting to compare prices, speeds, etc. because what’s the point of looking at an internet package if you can get their internet? Enough Said.


At Wavedirect we make use of an internet coverage map which lets you quickly know if you are service area from a quick glance. If you want to be 110% sure that you can get our internet, you can find and compare all our plans available in your area by checking your postal code here.



What about unlimited Internet plans?


We always recommend shopping around for Ontario internet that allows for unlimited downloads for online activities with no data caps. That means you can download anything with larger file sizes without any worry. No data caps means no overage fees, which ALL customers want to avoid. 


There has been some debate around what “unlimited” actually means. Some ISP’s make use of throttling so that you can’t get very fast speeds and stay under a bandwidth limit. Think of it like this... you get “unlimited usage” that is being throttled down so you can use as much SLOW internet as you would like.


If you haven’t read it yet, you can educate yourself on the differences of “Unlimited Vs Bit Cap” internet plans from our blog. It is important to do your research on the differences for internet packages in Ontario and find the right provider that has the right internet package or plan for your needs.


However, this is where WaveDirect is different from other ISP’s. We provide a Free 30 Day Internet Trial and our packages are completely unlimited and fast! We want to prove it to you by providing free internet service for you to try risk-free, without spending a dime. 


Finally, enjoy reliable, fast internet speeds and Wi-Fi directly in your rural home without the need to buy or bundle any extra home phone plans or TV packages, that you didn’t really need. Most people have found the wonders of online streaming services as opposed to any type of cable box subscription anyhow. 



Internet Package Contracts & Terms of Service


Many internet companies provide a no-contract option, but you may have to pay an activation fee that gets you set up on the network. Wavedirect works this way as well, you can sign a 3-year contract to get some of the setup fees waived. 


There is usually a “pay-back” or “break-even” point for internet companies and pricing is trying to reflect that balance, between up-front payments and longer-term contracts. There are some terms and fine print in most of these internet package contracts.


Always spend enough time with sales to know and understand everything inside of the contract you are signing. Ask them to explain to you in detail the terms of service and if there are any penalties for breaking the contract early. 



How Do I Compare Different Packages?


Comparing the different Internet options will ensure that users get the best plan to meet your individual needs. Staying connected in the digital age is of immense importance to everyone and especially if you live in the county. You need to find the most reliable rural internet that you can trust for your home or small business.


Compare internet pages in Ontario by upload speed, download speed and bandwidth and let’s not forget about the price. Whether you are looking for wireless, broadband or fiber, all of these internet terms apply for Internet Plans in Ontario.


The main thing that most homeowners will look for is connection speeds (Download/Upload) and it's a great idea to test the internet once you get it, to make sure you are getting the right Mbps by running a Speed Test. 



Understanding Internet Package Terms


Let’s take the following internet package example and make sure you understand all the terms presented to you when trying to compare internet plans in Ontario.


Example of an Internet Plan Ontario Canada

Example Internet Plan in Ontario


Bandwidth - the average rate of successful data transfer through an internet connection


Download Speed - refers to how quickly a file can be downloaded from a remote source, usually measured in Mbps (Megabits per Second)


Upload Speed - is the rate that data is transferred from the user’s computer or device to the Internet (usually used when uploading files to a server like YouTube or Gaming)


Bit Cap - a bit cap is an Internet data transmission cap (a limit) imposed by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) over a specified period of time - usually a month.


Unlimited Plan - Unlimited Internet refers to no limit or there is no monthly bit cap implied however some ISP’s that usually provide this option throttle the speed of your internet, making it slower as not to allow mass amounts of downloading.


Now that we covered some of the more basic terms for internet packages, it would be good to mention here that not all rural internet technologies are the same. The company delivering your internet may be very, very different from another in how that company gets internet to your home. 


That topic that is a little too long to cover in this blog article, but we have put together this guide on the differences between fixed wireless internet and satellite technology. If you are doing research on rural internet plans, it would be worth the time investment. 



What if I am Looking for Business Internet Plans?


Are residential and business internet packages the same? Or are they different? What should I look out for my business? 


Simply speaking business internet plans will have more features and benefits than your standard residential internet. Most business owners report that it is worth every penny as they are typically more than a residential plan. 


Imagine for a moment that you are in the health care industry and all of sudden your internet goes down, or you signed up for a less than subpar internet connection with dropouts and disconnects. You could be putting lives at risk.


When it comes to reliable business internet packages that you can count on you need to find only the best providers in the area. When you're talking business internet in rural areas of Ontario. It might become even that much more challenging. 


Using a residential internet package for your business is not recommended as they often have restricted speeds, while business internet demands faster bandwidth speeds in order to keep your company running smoothly.


As a standard, the FCC says you should be looking for a connection with a download speed of at least 25 Mbps (megabits per second) and an upload speed of at least 3 Mbps for your business internet. We recommend our corporate business plan, as it easily exceeds expectations. 


That way you know you are out of harm’s way. As always Wavedirect also offers a Free 30 Day Business Internet trial as well.

30 Day Free Internet Trial