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Is Your Internet Moving at the Speed of Snail?

There's no shame in throwing your computer against the wall as your screen buffers in the last moments of a series you've been watching for months. The thing is, you shouldn't have to deal with that kind of torture. 


slow Internet speed and connection issues


If you're asking yourself "Why is my internet so slow?" remember that there are ways that you can answer that question yourself. You aren't doomed to eternal buffering. 


We're going to talk about some of the troubleshooting methods you can use to improve the quality of your internet. At the very least, we hope we can help you understand your internet connection a little better.



Why is My Internet so Slow? Ways to Troubleshoot Your Connection:


There are a lot of reasons that your wifi could be acting up. In a sea of potential problems, it's important to take a top-down approach to your troubleshooting efforts. 


In other words, don't be too specific at first. We're going to list these issues from most-probable to least-probable, so it would be wise to try the solutions in the order we list them.  There's no use in trying to fix the particulars of your wifi-connection when simply turning the router on and off will do.


Before we begin, we'll dive into a rudimentary explanation of your wifi signal. Basically, you have a preestablished bandwidth that you pay for. People who play a lot of video games online and use numerous devices are usually set up with a larger bandwidth.


Those who mostly use streaming sites and browse the web tend to have smaller bandwidths. The ease with which you can access that bandwidth will depend on the device you're using, the sum total of devices active in your network, and the quality of the technology your using. Here is a quick guide to what internet speed is required to stream Netflix.




With that context, we can explore some potential solutions to your wifi troubles. Let's begin:



1. Make Sure Your Device is Not the Problem


It could be that your wifi connection is heavily affected by the device you're using. 


A slow laptop or bogged-down phone can take a toll on the internet speed you experience. The first step to troubleshooting this issue is trying a different device to see if your connection works better on that. If the connection is fast on, say, your phone but not your laptop, it is a device issue. 


If you're just having a device issue, try switching browsers. You should also consider unneeded deleting add-ons you've downloaded to your browser.


If that's no help, delete your cookies. You might also try turning your computer on and off. 


IT Crowd tech support Meme


When these cursory methods fail, consider checking your computer for updates. You may need to rid your computer of viruses or malware and delete old programs or stored data that you no longer use as well.



2. Examine the Router


Your next move is to turn the router on and off. This can take care of a number of issues quickly without you having to do very much at all. You should also ensure that no chords have been unplugged at either end. 


If it's still slow, look for any blinking or lit lights on the router. Take a look at the router manual and see what these mean. If you don't have the manual anymore, go to the maker's website and you should be able to find the answers very quickly. 


This may require you to call your ISP Tech support line to address the problem, ours is available in that last link.


Also, try to ensure that your router isn't blocked by anything substantial. It typically doesn't matter if there's a couch or chair in front of the device, but you wouldn't want to place the router in a closet or a basement enclosed by cement walls.



3. Free Up Your Signal


You could experience limited bandwidth if you share your wifi with a neighbor or numerous roommates. Each device you're using at any given time will limit the strength of the signal to your device. 


Make sure that your network is password protected as well. If you live in an apartment building or city, you can be sure that an unprotected network is going to be used by people within range. 


If the methods above don't have any effect, consider strengthening your signal. You can buy a wifi extender for relatively cheap, and this will amplify the signal from your router. 


Finally, consider updating old equipment. When a device is two or three years old, the quality of your signal will be diminished. Remember that these devices are on almost constantly and tend to get bumped around when you move or rearrange the furniture.



5. Contact Your Current ISP Provider


If all of the troubleshooting options above don't have any effect, you might just have to break down and call your ISP provider. 


They will have good insight into the problems you're facing as well as some step-by-step technical solutions to try. Worst case scenario, they have to send someone out to give it a look 


You can also consider paying for a stronger internet connection. While no one wants to pay more, you may have upped the kind of bandwidth you need since you last set up wifi. You can also read this article on 5 ways to maintain a steady internet connection.


Getting interested in new games and programs means using more bandwidth, know when its time to level-up your internet package too.



4. Consider a New Provider


People in rural houses might not get the best connection possible. Some providers simply don't have the range to provide quality internet to some houses. Even though a house is technically within the range of a particular provider, that doesn't mean the connection is going to be the best. 


A new subscription allows you to fine-tune your service to ensure that you always have a top-quality connection. 



Still, Need More Help?


Answering the question "Why is my internet so slow" can be difficult. There is a solution to your issue, though, and we're here to help. 


Our site has a wealth of information about internet connection, options, and potential solutions. Explore our blog to get the information you need and finally get back to that series you're desperately trying to stream.


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