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WaveDirect is helping more people access the internet with our reliable Local High Speed Internet Service for Southwestern Ontario. We have been providing high speed access to rural towns in Ontario since 2003 and pride ourselves on customer support.


Rural High Speed for Rural Towns


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I have never been happier with my internet service and recommend WaveDirect any chance I get. Even my friend who works for Cogeco praises WaveDirect all the time. I love how personable and cooperative the sales and support staff are to customers like me.

Carol L.


We love to hear the positive things that are happening in your world due to our internet service and if there is any we can do to make it better you can connect with us over social media or right over the phone.

We have introduced new technology both in the internet service aspect as well as our sales processes, to make sure you have the smoothest ride possible as a customer.



With the Internet growing in so many ways, we want to make sure that everyone has the capability to access the internet and get the information that they need for school, business or yes, even ENTERTAINMENT!

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