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Select your Location for Rural High Speed Internet

Reliable Rural High Speed Internet


Living in a rural area of Ontarios can have its own advantages. Open-air with lots of free space and peaceful surroundings.


Reliable High Speed Internet


Often, internet services are limited throughout Essex County. Especially when it comes to a high-speed internet connection and broadband.



Faster Internet Comes From the Best Rural Internet Providers in Ontario


Some satellite internet providers operating in our areas are not all that reliable. With satellite internet, weather can be a problem and they suffer from latency. You come to learn this the hard way. After you have been paying bills for months on end.


Our reliable rural high-speed internet is completely Unlimited! Wavedirect has been the top choice among locals, for many years.


Sometimes people confuse satellite internet with our services, but we offer fixed wireless. Here is a complete blog post on the differences.


The rural high-speed internet connection I received from Wavedirect beats traditional dial-up. I am very impressed with their tutorial videos and set-up guides. I did not need to call customer care often, but they do have 24/7 technical support if needed.

-Wavedirect Customer Review


Other Rural Internet Options


There are other varieties of cheap wireless options out there, even in rural areas. You may even tried some of these rocket sticks or cheap hotspots. Only to find they are not all that reliable.


You can find even more choices like DSL services that can give you download speeds of 2-6 MB per second. Our fixed wireless internet services provided by Wavdirect can go 5x faster at 25 MB per second. Again, all rural internet packages offer unlimited data.


A dial-up connection may not provide good speeds. Any of our rural internet plans will give you better speed than the dial up. Compared to a dial-up connection,fixed wireless is at least 25x faster.



Unlimited Internet with No Overage Fees


With an unlimited wireless plan, there is no need to worry about data caps. You will never have to pay again for monthly overage fees.


With rural broadband internet, you get the best speeds wireless has to offer. A reliable connection and a service that meets your high-speed internet needs. There are various plans available for both residential and business internet packages. As always you can try any of our internet plans risk free with a Free 30Day Trial.



Wavdirect's Reliable Rural Internet Plans


Unlimited 5 Rural Internet Package:

Our most basic internet plan is the one that is best suited for light internet use homes. This package gives you basic high-speed that is a big step up from 3G or satellite internet. You will be able to browse your social media accounts and watch videos on YouTube. Email and day to day web surfering is not a problem with this plan.


Unlimited 7 Rural Internet Package:

The next plan is a little more advanced than the previous one. Its services are a level up. In this next level package, you get standard internet speeds. This plan will enable you to watch HD videos on streaming websites, and listen to music services.


Unlimited 10 Rural Internet Package:

Right in the middle of all packages is our unlimited 10 rural internet plan. Get 50% faster speeds over our Unlimited 5 plan for only $20 more per month. Buffering or waiting for downloads is no longer an issue with this package.


Unlimited 15 Rural Internet Package:

A more advanced plan is our entertainment plan. It is 66% faster than other plans and includes a wide range of services. Also, it is about 50% faster than standard DSL or compares with cable speeds. If you own a 4K smart TV this plan is for you since the services complement this kind of online video streaming.


Unlimited 25 Rural Internet Package:

The highest speed we off is with our entertainment plus plan. It is best suited for homes that need only the best in streaming. It is the fastest and highest speed giving plan. With this plan, you can watch movies on websites, with high speed and it includes a Public IP. Push the limits of what you need online with this amazing service!


Canadians Deserve Reliable High-Speed Internet


Our fixed wireless internet has become very effective with the advancement of new technology. It is very fast, reliable, and affordable for all Ontario residents. Today, getting a rural internet connection has become extremely effortless.


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