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Getting Reliable Rural High-Speed Internet in Duart Ontario?

If you are looking to switch your dial-up internet connection to a high speed one, but live in a rural area of Duart Ontario and can’t find any service providers to help you...

You're In Luck!

We are in a full expansion to get new tower infrastructure set up in the Chatham-Kent area and are bringing fixed wireless internet to you.

We want everyone to be able to access rural internet that is both high-speed and reliable. WaveDirect Telecommunications has been operating since 2003 and offers unlimited rural internet packages for homes and business internet.

Some homeowners have some trouble trying to choose the best option. Others immediately subscribed to the highest package being our Unlimited 25 plan. Either way, we can help you pick the right internet plan and all prices on this website are current.

We know we can meet your demands when it comes to rural high-speed internet and you can check our WISP internet coverage by typing in your address right from our homepage or at the top of this page. 

What is the Best Type of Rural Internet Connection?

Living in the country can have its own rewards, especially in Rural Chatham-Kent Ontario. The huge fields and peaceful surroundings are the biggest motivating factors to go and live in the rural areas of Duart. However, when it comes to getting an internet connection in a rural area, this can be quite troublesome.

With the evolution of fixed wireless broadband internet, many modern advancements have been made on how reliable the technology has become and it's faster than a standard DSL connection. This is because all towers or access points are fed by high-speed fiber lines with a large amount of data throughput.

Fixed wireless has completely revolutionized the rural internet industry. These new internet solutions integrate seamlessly into your home and router. All we would need to install would be a small dish on your rooftop.

If you are looking for a home or business WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) especially in the country where availability can be a problem.

No matter where you live in Duart Ontario you no longer have to wait on slow internet or dial-up internet connections. You can simply and easily set up a WiFi router so you can effortlessly streaming music and HD videos. Think of all the fun you can have surfing the web and online shopping, all in the blink of an eye. 

Run a Business from a Rural Area of Duart Ontario?

New internet business features like emailing, social media marketing, super fast downloads, file sharing and more will keep you organized and working efficiently. Finally, work off of the cloud with Google Sheets using a connection that can not only keep up with others, but you can start using things like Zoom conferencing or Skype video chat.

Installation of the business internet service is also very straightforward and easy. We simply install a dish on your roof and point it to the nearest access point tower. These access points are usually within 15 Km of your location. All installers set up the dish for the best signal strength and ensure you have a clear line of sight for the tower.

There are five business internet plans available in order to meet your data needs. Fixed Wireless internet is the best high-speed rural internet solution for business because it's very reliable. Even when some bad weather comes around every now and again.

Finally Stream Videos with a Fast Internet Connection in Duart Ont.

WaveDirect’s rural internet is suitable for any home or business in Duart, who require high-speed rural internet access and wants the capacity to stream movies, videos and play games online without having to worry about usage. You will be able to watch videos on YouTube or Netflix with no buffering and no data caps.

That means you can finally say goodbye to overage fees!

Rural fixed wireless broadband is a more sensible choice for those who use the internet on a regular basis. The advanced technology in the field of fixed wireless internet has the most innovation in the past few years and is great for internet deliverability. 

We can also assist you with any problems that you might face with your internet connection should the rare problem arise. We want you to know that we have 24/7 technical support staff.

The first level of support is given through the phone or you can send us an email. In case your issue does not get resolved via phone, we will have our service manager schedule a visit from one of technically trained staff. We also have self-support options through the list of rural internet FAQs.

In remote areas where you can only get DSL or dial-up connections, WaveDirect gives you a stable connection to the internet. You experience all the benefits of our high-speed internet including... videos faster, social media, check your emails, help your kids with their school projects.

This is our mission - to enable us all to be "connected, together".