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Rural High-Speed Internet Harrow


Get a reliable rural high-speed internet connection in Harrow Ontario today with WaveDirect’s Unlimited Rural Internet Service


We provide local Harrow homeowners with a Free 30Day Internet Trial completely Risk-Free to you so you can try our premium internet service at no cost to you!


Rural High Speed Internet Harrow


Say good-bye to slow internet & dial-up and finally get rural internet access in the Harrow area. You will be impressed with our high-speeds and range of rural internet coverage. Make the digital divide over to our wireless networks and you will be impressed with our customer service.



What are Internet options for rural areas?


We have helped hundreds of rural residents in Essex County Ontario get off of dial-up forever and start emailing, surfing and enjoying all of the world wide web has to offer! We are better than the competition in many ways, but the main reason is our fixed wireless technology


You won’t have to worry about things, like latency, lag or data caps that keep you paying for internet above and beyond your already high monthly internet bill. We want all rural communities to say good-bye to things like satellite internet and move to a more reliable technology like fixed wireless broadband. 


Let’s take a moment to explain why fixed wireless internet is set up through a local network of towers providing your home with a wireless connection through a small dish place on your roof. With a satellite high-speed internet service, your signal has to travel to space and back in order for you to get the internet.


Because of the long-distance that you signal has to travel you can expect lots of lag time and calls into technical support. As satellite internet is very prone to dropping connections from bad weather or just loss of signal due to latency. 



How can I get faster Internet in rural areas?

Get on our wireless broadband network and enjoy download speeds up to 25Mbps and unlimited data. Wavedirect offers faster internet than DSL and a standard dial-up connection.


Finally, free up that home phone line and make the jump to higher internet speeds today. We have many rural internet packages to serve your needs at your homes in the Harrow Ontario area.




Advantages of Rural High-Speed Internet in Harrow:

  • Get Internet without Cable or tying up a Phone Line
  • Become More Productive with Unlimited Rural High-Speed Internet
  • We pride ourselves on Customer Care & our Technical Support
  • Many Clients tell Us they are Super Glad that they made the Switch 
  • Best Local Choice for Rural High-Speed Internet in Essex County
  • Email Accounts and Hosting Options Available 
  • WaveDirect Dashboard for Easy Billing and Account Information


Your Local, Reliable Rural Internet Service Provider

Want to binge-watch streaming services like Netflix all night long, now you can! Want to build a smart home with new AI Devices now you can! Want to have a video call with Grandpa from miles away now you can!


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Just get in touch with us at any time to start your Free 30 Day Trial and let us help you get the best rural internet for Harrow Ontario. We’d love to have you as our customer and promise to take good care of you once we do.


30 Day Free Internet Trial

Rural High Speed Internet