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Rural High Speed for Leamington Ont.

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In Need of a DSL alternative for High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas?


WaveDirect Telecommunications has been a provider of Rural High-Speed Internet in Leamington Ontario since 2004. We provide reliable internet connections in rural areas where customers can not receive DSL from other internet providers.



Rural High Speed Leamington Ont



You can try our Internet Services Risk-Free for 30 Days from the link! You will be able to try our High-Speed Internet and monitor your usage to know what kind of package you should sign up for.



How Our Rural Internet Works…


1) First, the installation specialist will install a Reflector Antenna on the roof of the home in the most discreet position possible, while at the same time achieving the best quality signal for high-speed internet in rural areas. A Reflector Antenna will establish a strong connection between the home and WaveDirect transmission tower. This Reflector Antenna is about the same size and shape as a typical satellite dish.


2) Next, a receiving radio that connects to one of our towers is mounted and configured. WaveDirect uses the best-in-class wireless broadband radio, called the Motorola Canopy Advantage or Trango Fox Radio. These radios have been manufactured specifically for the purposes of providing a high quality rural high-speed internet service. The radio is mounted to the reflector antenna, strengthening its power to move data.


3) The next step in setting up a rural high-speed connection is to establish a connection. Once the radio is installed and aimed towards the receiving tower, connectivity is established.


4) Now a connection wire is run from the outdoor radio to the indoor network router. An outdoor-rated CATV cable is installed in order to set up in order to protect and ensure best signal quality. The installer will hide the cable as much as possible. In order to connect to the internet, the cable must be brought from outside, into the home and be connected to a wired or wireless router for the home network to use the newly installed internet connection.


5) Once the connection is tested and configured WaveDirect offers the fastest rural high-speed internet for the money that is available. Web surfing, online gameplay, Netflicks, VOIP telephones, and Skype Chat is fully available within the home.



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