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Select your Location for Rural High Speed Internet

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Get Connect, go Faster with WaveDirect’s rural high speed internet services

and find out what reliable internet service can do for you and your business. If you are currently stuck on dial-up internet or have no internet connection at all call WaveDirect and you can get started with our 30 day free trial.



That’s right you can sign up today, risk free, for our 30 day internet trial and get our fastest service at no charge for one month!

We pride ourselves on customer care and our 24/7 tech support. We have hundreds of happy clients from all across Southwestern Ontario and we would love to have you as our next client!


We have multiple packages to serve your needs and we can even set up business internet if you need to do so.If you have not had internet services before or are unsure about what type of internet is necessary for your home just give us a call at the number below and we will be sure to help.

WaveDirect as a company is always striving to improve in areas that matter most to our customers. We focus on the following areas to ensure that the client experience is pleasurable from the first phone call and through the duration of the relationship.


Our Competitive Edge

  • Customer Care is priority #1 with friendly knowledgeable staff
  • Little to no wait times for new installations
  • Professional and curious installers are there to ensure quality at your home
  • Reliable High Speed Internet with higher bit caps than other companies
  • We offer a 30 day free Internet trial just for calling WaveDirect

Where I live and run my third party logistics business, there is no DSL or Cable. When I originally signed up with Wave Direct they had just put up a new tower to service my area. I was referred to them by a friend and decided to give them a try.

From my experience I can honestly say that they are the best choice in the region! In my business communication is critical. My network consists of 6 computers, a server and several security cameras and I don’t think that DSL or cable could compete with the stable speeds and quality of service I receive.

When I go to Florida for the winter I can always rely on viewing all of my security cameras and remote into my server lightning fast. I have rarely had to call technical support but when I did, they were quick to assist with my problem.

I have sent a lot of referrals to them over the years because they are the best choice for reliable high speed rural Internet service. Being in the service industry for 40 years I can honestly say that they care about their customers.


Customer Care and High-Speed Rural Internet


Get into touch with WaveDirect today at 855.844.9283


30 Day Free Internet Trial