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Rural High Speed Internet in McGregor


Trust WaveDirect Telecommunication for Rural High-Speed Internet in McGregor Ontario we have been servicing Windsor-Essex County since 2003.


We have been growing organically since that time with word of mouth referrals and infrastructure upgrades to our fixed wireless tower network. Both have been the secret to our success.


Helping rural communities get reliable high-speed rural internet is our main mission, our motto has always been... "Internet for Everyone".


Rural High Speed Internet McGregor



We provide premium support for all of our fixed wireless internet and also offer a free 30 day trial for those who want to test our services risk-free! This is your chance to try out one of the best Essex County Internet Providers in the area!


Clients are pleased with the high speeds and reliable connection. Just read this testimonial:

Very happy with WaveDirect, I’m getting better speeds than when I was on DSL. Give them a try, you’ll be very happy.

It's Fast!

Jay Mills - via Facebook



Just think about how great it would be to get off of dial-up forever, we want to be your provider for internet options in rural areas in Ontario.  Right now, maybe you don't have the internet at all or your stuck using mobile data to get the internet with a large data bill.


Either way, you can find out what you have been missing with WaveDirect’s Rural High-Speed Internet, we have made it simple for you, just click the link to sign up for our free 30Day trial!


Look, Everyone Knows...

In this day and age, we need the internet for everything from daily tasks, like banking to watching a cool Netflix show on TV. Here are the most common uses for the internet that people do daily...


  • Information (You can Ask Google or Alexa anything!)
  • Social Networking (Stay in Touch with Loved Ones, even Uncle Jimmy)
  • Communication (Skype can help you communicate with the world)
  • Transfer of Files (Remember Thumb-drives? Ya, Know we have the Cloud for that)
  • Current Buzz & Trends (News is traveling faster than ever, be in the know)
  • Entertainment (Remeber paying for crappy TV channels we didn't like? YouTube & Netflix are now the norms)
  • Internet Banking (Deposit your Check with your phone, E-transfers & Online Payments, Oh-My!)
  • Making Money Online (People are now generating a LOT of income online through, affiliate marketing sites or MLM Companies)
  • Marketing Your Business (YellowPages is dead, Google My Business, SEO and PPC is now the way to make more sales for your business)
  • Online education (Everyone wants to advance their career, you can take a small course or get a full degree online today)


No Matter what your reasons are for using rural internet in McGregor the choice is clear that you need a reliable internet connection, like the ones we provide here at Wavedirect, connect with us today at 519.737.9283 to start your free trial!



30 Day Free Internet Trial