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Rural Internet in Coatsworth Ontario

Coatsworth Ontario Canada —(Rural High-Speed Internet)—The team from WaveDirect a communications company and specializing in Fixed Wireless Internet Services, recently announced the company’s expansion of coverage to all small rural towns.


  • Coatsworth
  • Chatham
  • Wallaceburg
  • Appledore
  • Arkwood
  • Darrell
  • Eberts
  • Kent Bridge
  • Louisville
  • Oldfield
  • Thornecliffe
  • Tupperville
  • Turnerville
  • Ennett

Reliable Rural High-Speed Internet has been promised by the Government of Canada for the area, but things have been slow to materialize. Wavedirect wants to be first on the scene with newly upgraded towers and incredible speeds that you can count on. 

Rural Internet Upgrades for Coatsworth Ont.

“We remain dedicated to providing the most reliable internet technologies to rural areas of Coatsworth during our next expansion” Using New MIMO Access Technology and fiber-fed internet towers, WaveDirect provides Internet access to multiple computers from a single access point without much interference the use of phone lines, a cable connection or public Wi-Fi hot spots. A small simple dish on your rooftop and a router is all that is needed to be fully installed with rural internet.

Rural Internet Coatsworth Ontario

“The WaveDirect team has a combined technical background of over 22 years. The owners, who stand behind and support the company, pour twenty years of successful business experience into each decision that affects WaveDirect’s success.”

WaveDirect Telecommunications network works currently within the above-mentioned cities across rural Coatsworth, extending several miles from each tower site and offering high-speed Internet service to many other rural homes and businesses located just outside of those areas, with many expansions and upgrades over the course of a few years.

About WaveDirect's Rural Internet in Coatsworth

Wavedirect's rural internet Coatsworth Ontario is committed to providing Rural Coatsworth with the latest, and most advanced technology that provides the fastest broadband services available. WaveDirect currently serves Chatham-kent and Windsor-Essex Counties.

WaveDirect’s Rural High High-Speed Internet offers download speeds between 5Mbps-25Mbps that are up to ten times faster than (DSL) or cable speeds. Most internet subscribers don’t always understand all of the Internet lingo used to sell these internet packages, so WaveDirect went ahead and created many informational videos to take any confusion out of the game.

WaveDirect allows multiple computers to connect throughout the home or office simultaneously. No professional installation is needed. Packages are starting at $59.95 per month and speed and download caps go up from there. 24/7 Tech Support is always available for troubleshooting or customer support.

To start your FREE 30DAY INTERNET TRIAL here or call WaveDirect for Rural Internet in Coatsworth Ontario we'd love to have you as our next customer. 

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