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How to Get Decent Rural Internet in Dresden Ont


Finding decent rural internet in Dresden Ontario or other rural towns can come with some challenges. Being a part of a smaller, close to friends, rural community and enjoying a slower pace of life are all great reasons to move to the country. However, finding a reliable rural internet in that same place might seem daunting.


Who is a good rural internet provider in Chatham-Kent Ontario and what different internet technologies are available? Is one rural internet service better than another? What makes them better, and why?

We will answer all these questions and more, read on...



rural internet in dresden ontario



But just because you’re enjoying life at a slower pace doesn’t mean your rural internet service should also be slow. In fact, it should be the opposite. You should not have to choose a low-quality rural internet provider just because you live in the country.


Traditional cable internet solutions require a home be located near a coaxial cable laid by the internet provider. Larger internet service providers like Bell or Cogeco usually see rural areas as a waste of time or a low-profit area. So they just move on to the next city that they can capitalize on.


Getting rural internet in these areas has been a challenge for decades and even the Government has promised to step in and make upgrades. So far though, the progress has been slower than dial-up internet. Other internet providers like WaveDirect have been finding innovative workarounds and privately funding towers and large internet infrastructure to get the internet to people in these rural areas faster. We see having the internet as fundamental as having electricity in your home, in this day and age.


Dresden Ontario - Four Corners


Plus, Dresden Ontario has a lot of charm and fun activities to do when visiting this small Chatham-Kent town, why wouldn't we want to help out the good folks there? From the Dresden Raceway to the Gateway Casino and even the Historical Site Uncle Tom's Cabin. There is plenty to do and lots of fun times to create new memories.


Ok, we covered why Dresden has so much charm, but what about getting the internet there?


What Are My Rural Internet Options in Dresden Ontario?



Good ole dial-up. I’m sure that word conjures memories of the signature "dial-up ring" as you waited for your computer to establish an internet connection. Does anyone else remember...


Get off the internet, I'm trying to use the phone!


Dial-up, while mostly a distant memory for city dwellers, is still a realistic option for many in rural areas. NOT FUN.  In fact, according to a few different estimates, CBC News reported, there are hundreds of thousands of Canadians are still using dial-up internet.  Many of those people are located in rural areas of Chatham-Kent Ontario and are cut off from broadband services.


While dial-up is the slowest option available, it can still be more reliable than satellite. Read on...



Satellite Internet

The value of satellite internet is highly debated, particularly among rural internet customers. Like every other rural internet solution, it has its benefits and drawbacks.


Satellite internet requires installing a satellite dish on your roof or in your yard to receive a clear signal from your internet provider’s satellite out in space. Because satellite internet companies make their money on providing coverage, they have invested in having enough satellites to provide reliable coverage even to incredibly remote areas.


This type of rural internet also provides faster speeds than dial-up service. However, many users find satellite internet is not fast enough for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Even though they advertise fast internet speed, there are often large lag times for the internet signal to travel from the satellite to the dish on your roof. 46,000 miles to be exact. This creates problems for the connection and intermittent issues.


As you might imagine, if there isn’t a clear signal to the satellite, you will have slower service or the internet will cut out completely. This is something to keep in mind if you live in an area with lots of cloud coverage.


Given that satellite internet is only marginally better than dial-up, people tend to feel it’s not worth the price. Many are also turned away by the long contract periods, which can range from 12 to 24 months and beyond.


Cellular Service

Another rural internet option is piggybacking off your existing cell phone data service. As cell phone companies expand their infrastructure into more rural areas, it's easier to access 3G and 4G data services. 


Using your cell phone's data service can be an option for people who want to be a bit more mobile. If you already have a data package included with your cell phone, adding additional Mbs to your monthly package is easy to do.



The downside to using cell phone data is you only get a limited amount of data per month, and going over your limit leads to costly fees. Plus, the cost per Mb is relatively high after you reach your monthly data cap. 


Before you decide to go this route, check what kind of data coverage you get in your area. Ask your neighbors and check rural internet provider sites for coverage maps and postal code checkers to see if they have service in your area. 



Fixed Wireless Internet (Point to Point)

Point to point internet services use fiber internet towers to provide internet in rural areas, and it is the service we provide here at WaveDirect telecommunications. 


Fixed wireless internet is relatively cheap compared to satellite internet. Erratic weather doesn't disrupt it and it's fast enough to allow streaming services like Netflix. Remember the main towers are fed by a fast fiber line and then a point-to-point bridge is created from your home to the tower or internet access point.


With many internet technology upgrades over the years, we are now able to offer our customers Unlimited Rural Internet Packages that are faster than dial-up and DSL. We can even match cable internet speeds and streaming Netflix or other streaming services like YouTube is not a problem.



How Can I Get the Internet in my Rural Area?


After evaluating which internet option is best for you and your family, you will need to start looking for rural internet providers in your area. We recommend starting out with asking your neighbors if they have any suggestions for providers and what types of solutions work well for them. 


Next, you should check customer reviews for the providers you are evaluating. Looking through these reviews can help you understand the service better and even help you negotiate with the provider when the time comes. 


Finally, once you have your search narrowed down, get in touch with each provider and ask them if they offer a free internet trial so you know it will work in your home. You should also ask questions about the installation process and the contract terms they are proposing. Always know and understand the fine print and what you are signing if going into a contract.



What Are the Benefits of Having Rural Internet?


Having internet out in the country has a wide range of benefits for you and your family. Its truly a must have for everyone to accomplish everyday tasks like banking or shopping online.


First, having access to reliable internet means you can enjoy the laid back pace of life that rural areas have to offer, while still being able to operate online in the digital world. This is great news for people who are looking to have a remote career or be a freelance online. 


Second, it's easier for you to conduct business and find customers. Internet access means you can sell items online or market your local business to more people with digital ads.


Third, rural internet provides your children with more learning opportunities. With more educational institutions moving online, it's easier to access grade school, university, and technical college courses. This helps your children become more competitive in the local labor market and keep pace with the urban labor market. 



What Are You Waiting For?


Internet service for rural areas is easier to sign-up for than ever before. With a number of options to access the internet, there is a suitable solution for each family. 


If you have any questions about Rural internet in Dresden Ontario please get in touch with us here

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