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Unlimited Rural Internet in Chatham Kent & Surrounding Areas


Living in beautiful rural areas like rural Chatham-Kent Ontario can be a real pleasure, especially if you are in a quiet area. 

Unlimited Rural Internet in Chatham Kent Ontario

Clean air, nature all around, terrible internet wait! what? That doesn't sound good.

We admit that finding fast and stable internet in rural areas can be similar to our eternal search for a magical unicorn, however, it doesn't have to be that way.

Unicorn Magic Gif

Woah, are you feeling all that Unicron magic?!

5G internet speeds are slowly but surely making its way to Canada in 2020, and rural areas don't have to be left behind in some kind of internet stone age.

Wondering about your best internet options for rural areas in Chatham-Kent?

Keep reading on to know all about your options and what affects rural internet speeds in Chatham Ontario.

Internet Speed Factors

There are a couple of factors that heavily affect your internet's performance that you need to know.

The big factor is the actual speed of your internet, which is more known around the tech circles as your internet's bandwidth.

Then we take a look at things like latency otherwise known as lag time and the stability of your signal. This can lead to other related issues like packet loss when you are trying to download a file.

Those three factors affect your internet in a variety of ways, so here's an example to simplify the answer.

Imagine you're driving a car on a road. The speeds are the same, and the latency is the delay that happens between you pressing the gas pedal or turning the steering wheel and the car actually responding.  Lag can be summed up as "response time" back from your provider.

The stability is whether or not your car responds when you turn the wheel or take any other action. If you are trying to turn the wheel and have a bad ball joint, your car may run into an accident or in the case of the internet, a failed download. 

In other words, speed is great. But it's useless if you don't have enough stability and response from all of your car's systems, you can be in harm's way.

Internet Options for Chatham-Kent Rural Areas: The Ultimate Guide

Now that you have a good idea about what enables a good and fast internet connection, here are your main rural internet options.

1. DSL and Cable Internet

You can simply have a plan set up through a good internet service provider, and have it installed.

What's great about DSL and Cable plans is its reliability, low latency, and its relatively lower costs. 

In addition, you won't have to deal with complex equipment, and even more complex setup.

And taking into consideration the availability of short contract term agreements as well as — in most plans— unlimited downloads and uploads, and you'd find that DSL and cable plans can be a great fit.

However, they can also be dependent on the distance to your nearest service point. So if you take the idea of being remote to the extreme, chances are you'll be far away from a good access point, and your speed (and overall quality) will plummet.

2. Cellular Internet

You can go about setting up a cellular rural internet connection by getting an unlimited data plan for your family and then buying a MiFi unit on the same plan (just check if your carrier has that option available).

The MiFi unit basically converts the smartphone internet data to a WiFi signal that you'll be able to treat just the same as any WiFi network.

What's great about the MiFi is its portability, you can move it to your office if you want to, or place it in a central place in your home. 

On the other hand, the plan prices can be a bit high depending on your plan.

Traditionally, most cellular internet services will have their data caps around 22 GB. If you exceed that limit, you'll either get charged per gigabyte — which can really hurt your wallet — or your internet speeds will drop harshly until your next billing period.

Moreover, you'll have to keep in mind how close you are to cell towers and how effective your "line of sight" in relation to the towers' placement.

Because if you have a metal roof or siding, as well as concrete walls, then your signal can be heavily compromised.

In this case, you can use external cellular boosters or repeaters that can relay the signal from inside your house to the closest cell tower, or boost the available signal within your home.

3. Satellite Internet

This option's setup will have to be handled by professionals, as it requires getting a satellite dish installed on your house's roof. 

While its setup can be a bit inconvenient, satellite internet has some great benefits, from amazing speeds to maximum availability.

It eradicates the whole line-of-site issues, as the service won't be ground-based. But, you do need to have a clear view of the sky, so heavy tree cover or thick foliage might cause some trouble.

Speaking of trouble, there are a couple of drawbacks that are unique to satellite internet.

First, satellite plans have a fixed upload and download speeds and data amounts, and it can get quite expensive if you need to add more units to survive until the next billing period.

Second, the service's performance can vary depending on the weather, the latitude, and longitude.

Third, the equipment costs can be a pain, in addition to the services' early termination fees. 

In short, make sure to check out all the paperwork and know whether getting a satellite internet service is the right choice for you.

4. Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet

Last, but certainly not least, you can go with the fixed wireless broadband option.

Fixed wireless service is known for providing high-speed broadband internet to a single location using radio waves. 

And while it is capable of serving suburban and urban communities, it is famous for its great performance in rural areas.

There are numerous advantages to having a fixed wireless network. 

It can be set up and deployed in no time at all, and it's rather cost-effective in comparison to other wired technologies. And, the shining crown would be its wide availability due to its utilization of radio waves.

Unfortunately, it does need to have a good line of sight, and the whole service can be a bit pricy.

Are you Ready for Unlimited Rural High-Speed Internet in Chatham-Kent?

Internet options for rural Chatham areas don't have to be a pain anymore, whether you need a good connection for your home or your business.

We have recently installed new fixed wireless internet towers across the Chatham-Kent area and want to provide all new customers with a 30 Day Free Trial. No risks, or obligation to sign-up just reliable rural internet with no limits or data caps!

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