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5 Ways To Maintain A Steady Internet Connection In Rural Ontario


It's the age of the internet, and all anyone can talk about is what they're doing online. Your friends are chatting about their latest Netflix obsession or making plans to play video games online together. At your family gatherings, our relatives are talking about the latest political news they read online.


Rural Internet Connection Ontario


If you've chosen the serenity of rural life, chances are that you feel left out of the loop when it comes to the internet. You have options, but they may not be as reliable as you would like.


The good news is that there may be ways to improve your connection. If you're struggling to get a good internet connection in rural Ontario, try these fixes.



Ways to Get a Good Internet Connection in Rural Ontario


For some people living in rural Ontario, their internet connection is spotty and unreliable. For others, it's consistent but slow. Regardless of your key complaint, try these ways to improve your connection.



1. Choose an Internet Provider Who Specializes in Rural Internet


A company might offer internet service in your area but that doesn't mean they do it well. Some companies are more experienced in dealing with rural residents' concerns.


Look for an internet provider that specializes in rural areas. They often use satellite or 3G options to give you the best possible connection. They also have the expertise to advise you about how to optimize your connection.



2. Opt for a Higher Plan


Most internet providers have a variety of plan options. Higher-priced plans tend to have higher speeds.


Reach out to your provider or to other providers in your area. Find out the rural internet plans they offer and whether you can afford a more advanced one. However, be sure to look at the details of each plan. Sometimes a big jump in price only gets you a small speed increase.


Keep in mind that this could help with a spotty connection as well. Sometimes it looks like your internet is going out, but in reality, its slow speed can't keep up with what you're trying to do.



3. Use a Mobile WiFi Hotspot


While this can be expensive, it's an option if you're still struggling with your main connection. With a hotspot, you use your cell phone's internet to connect other devices to the internet.


It's important to recognize that when you use a hotspot, it uses your phone's data. Depending on how often you use it, this could result in very high data usage.


In most cases, you'll want an unlimited data plan if you're using a hotspot often. Keep in mind, though, that some "unlimited" plans will slow your internet speed after you use a certain amount of data. Make sure to find out the details before you sign up for a more advanced data plan.



4. Find a Strategic Place for Your WiFi Router


Your WiFi router alone won't make your internet connection slower. If your router isn't functioning at top capacity, though, you're leaving some speed on the table. Helping your router's performance will let you access every last bit of speed your connection can offer.


One of the most important factors is where you place your router. The WiFi signals from your router go out and down. Think of it like the branches of a willow tree.


To get better WiFi throughout your home, place your router high up near the center of your house. It's also important to make sure there is as little clutter around the router as possible. You might want to cover it up for aesthetic reasons, but this can block part of the signal.



5. Buy a WiFi Signal Booster


In some cases, your router will won't extend far enough to give you fast WiFi in every room. To find out if this is the case, take a laptop to various areas of your house and do an online speed test.


If you find that your WiFi is faster in some areas than others, try a signal booster. These small electronics plug into any outlet. They grab the signal from your WiFi router and send it out to a larger area.



Staying Connected With a Stronger Internet Connection


There's no doubt that a slow internet connection in a rural area can get frustrating. Perhaps you moved to the area because the internet was as essential as it is today. Regardless, a good internet connection in rural Ontario will help you keep in touch with your loved ones and enjoy your favorite hobbies.


The tips above can help, but keep in mind that the largest factor is your internet provider. To get your internet from someone who specializes in rural service, rural internet provider free 30 day trial.

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