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Ditching Cable: Best Way to Stream Live TV (Updated 2019)


It turns out the revolution is not only being televised but television itself is the revolution. People are severing their connections to cable and satellite TV at record rates. Close to half of Canada's households owned by someone under 30 are either "cord-cutters" or have "never-been-a-cable-subscriber", meaning they ditched Cable or Bell TV or never even had it in the first place.


best ways to stream TV


Cord-cutting offers freedom, but the choices for replacing cable and satellite TV can be panic-inducing. This is especially true when it comes to live TV.


Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are all well-known names in the entertainment world. But live streaming TV is like the Wild West. There are a lot of competitors, and they're still making names for themselves.


We've rounded up the herd in this guide to show you the best way to stream live TV.



Read on to review all Canadian Streaming Services that people "Love to Watch".



What You Get Out of Cutting the Cord


If you're on the fence about whether or not to cut the cord, you should know the benefits of making the switch to a streaming service. There are a few things that are really going to stand out for how you watch television and what it means for Candian households.


1. You'll save money. By choosing the right service and package, you can save hundreds of dollars per year. That's money you can put toward a vacation or even a better TV on which to live stream.


2. You can customize your service. Cutting the cord means no more endless scrolling through channels you couldn't care less about. You can pick the channels or movies on demand, as you leave the rest to linger in the digital ether.


3. You'll never have to call a cable company's customer service and fight over a bill again. Take a breath. The benefits here are self-explanatory. Remember all those time you spent on hold?


Enough said.


Live streaming TV services are used to doing business online and tend to offer less painful options for customer support than Bell and Cogeco customer care.


But you need to make sure you're ready before you take the plunge.



Make Sure You Have Fast Enough Internet!


It's difficult to take advantage of live streaming TV if your picture or sound is constantly buffering.


Most streaming video services recommend you have an internet speed of 5Mbps. If all you're doing on the internet at any given time is streaming their videos, maybe that can suffice. But most people have their phones on WiFi and other devices taking up bandwidth.


If you're trying to stream at the highest TV quality level without buffering, you want broadband speeds of over 25 Mbps, which is possible with WaveDirect's rural internet and we even wrote this article to help you determine the speed you need for your internet usage.


You can test your internet speed to get a sense if your current plan is strong enough to support your live streaming TV needs.


Make sure to check at various points throughout the day and especially during the busiest hours, which tend to be 6-10pm on weekdays. If you see a great disparity between your internet at noon and right before bed, you should call your internet service provider to see what they can do.


You may need to switch providers, and you should definitely be cautious before cutting your cord.



Pick a Service


If you have a steady internet connection and it is up to speed for HD, here is what you need to know to get started. Preview our list of streaming providers for amazing movies, TV channel options, and more entertainment.


picking a streaming service in Canada


Here's a guide to the biggest names in the game right now, complete with a rundown of what they provide and their limitations.


Youtube Logo

YouTube is one of the most popular video sites on the planet. It now offers the option to upgrade to YouTube Premium, and it's an appealing offer.


Cost: $11.99 a month (1-month free trial). Family Plans also available at $17.99 a month (free trial also applies).

Number of Streams Available at Once: Three / Five

Number of Channels: Between 50 and 60.

Channels Not Included: Discovery, A&E, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, Spike, and any other Viacom channel.

Compatible Devices: Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Android TV.

DVR Availability: Yes.


sling tv


Sling is the streaming-only live TV service with an interface that replicates a traditional TV provider's guide. Check out how it stacks up to the competition.


Cost: ($15 the first month) Then $25 for Sling Orange. ($15 the first month) Then $25 for Sling Blue. ($25 the first month) Then $40 for both Orange & Blue.

Number of Streams Available at Once: Sling Orange allows one. Sling Blue allows three. If you purchase the package with both, you can stream on up to four devices.

Number of Channels: 30-45, depending on the package.

Channels Not Included: CBS, ABC (for some subscribers), Nickelodeon, Fox (for some subscribers), and NBC (for some subscribers).

Compatible Devices: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Chromecast.

DVR Availability: For some channels.


Direct TV


DirecTV offers the support of an established TV provider without the commitment that comes with a full DirecTV subscription. Here are the benefits and drawbacks.


Cost: ($15 Dollars off 2 Months) Then $50 (45 Channels plus HBO) to $70 (60 Channels plus HBO + Cinemax) a month.

Number of Streams Available at Once: Two.

Number of Channels: 45-60, depending on the tier.

Channels Not Included: There are no major exceptions, especially if you purchase packages from the higher tiers.

Compatible Devices: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.

DVR Availability: No.


Crave TV streaming services


Home to a lot of HBO content in Canadian homes, CraveTV also has plenty of documentaries, kids shows, and new-ish movies to relax with. Grab your popcorn!


Cost: $9.99 a month for the base subscription, with add-ons (Movies + HBO) for an additional $9.99 a month or (STARZ) which is basic Hollywood movies for an additional $5.99 a month.

Number of Streams Available at Once: Five.

Number of Channels: 50-90, depending on the package.

Channels Not Included: HBO, ShowTime, STARZ, Kids.

Compatible Devices: Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast

DVR Availability: Yes.



HUE live tv


Hulu attempts to set itself apart from its streaming competitors like Netflix and Amazon with a live service. You might find its the best option for you.


Cost: Starts at $5.99 a month (1 Month Free), with add-ons available (Hulu + Live TV) at $44.99 a month (1 Week Free).

Number of Streams Available at Once: Two.

Number of Channels: Over 50.

Channels Not Included: AMC, Starz, Discovery, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike, and any other Viacom channel.

Compatible Devices: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, and Apple TV.

DVR Availability: Yes.



Making the Snip


Yes, the choices can be overwhelming, but it's exciting to embark on the journey of finding the best way to stream live TV for yourself. You steer the ship, and the New World is a package of channels and streams you tailor precisely to your needs.



You deserve a great live streaming TV package, and you deserve the internet that enables that package to happen. For the best in rural high-speed internet, check out the plans we have available.

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