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The television service you need in Wallaceburg, Ontario!

Are you an avid live television watcher, or are you part of the growing population of Canadians who are moving exclusively to streaming services?

More than a decade after Netflix debuted in Canada, the platform alongside others like Amazon Prime and Disney+ have changed the way we consume televised content altogether.

In fact today, 85% of Canadians are currently subscribed to at least one streaming platform, with the majority of that group subscribing to more than one.

Why are these services so popular?

They offer robust catalogues with tens of thousands of hours of content to watch at your leisure, all with convenient setups and apps that are easily accessible.

The only major thing most of these streaming services are missing is live TV!

Enter NorthWaveTV! Wallaceburg’s newest option for live television.

Live television is too expensive

Traditional television services, like cable and satellite, are known to be either too expensive or offer very little for their lower packages.

With NorthWaveTV, you get started with over 70 channels, including standard favourites like ABC, NBC and CBS, with other popular stations included like TSN, Sportsnet, CMT, MTV and an abundance of kids channels.

What else can I do with NorthWaveTV?

  • Record a show, or a series with Cloud DVR and watch at your convenience!
  • Stream on up to 5 different TV’s in your home.
  • Add and remove channels or packages with a selection of over 170 to choose from.

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