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The Tell Tale Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Internet Connection


Do you feel like your Internet is a little too slow? Ever been to a friend’s house only to discover their Internet connection is lightyears faster than yours?




It might be the right time to upgrade. But, how do you know for sure? How do you know if you should upgrade or if the plan you have now works fine?


signs you need to upgrade your internet


We’ve got a handy guide below to help you figure this out. Read on below to learn the clear signs it’s time you get a faster Internet connection.



1. Slow Web Pages


Trying to browse the Web but you can't get anywhere due to slow pages? It might not be an issue with the sites you visit. The problem might be a slow Internet connection.


Site owners try to make their pages faster. This helps benefit users and boosts their search ranking, particularly with Google. However, their work can only get you so far.


You should perform a speed test. Fortunately, this isn't too difficult to do. A quick search online will showcase multiple speed test tools and many are free to use.


If your net speed is below 5 Mbps then you may struggle with content-heavy websites, downloading data, or streaming in HD.



2. Struggling With Netflix or Sports Viewing


Speaking of streaming, how well does Netflix work for you? One major sign that it's time to switch to a faster plan is when you can't watch Netflix without interruptions.


Your Netflix or sports viewing experience should be smooth and quick. The video shouldn't stutter to load, and you should be able to get 1080p HD resolution on a "slow" day. If you upgrade, however, you can watch live boxing matches or Netflix movies in beautiful 4K resolution and without a stutter.



3. Too Many Users


It's time to shift to a cheap high-speed Internet plan when you have too many users accessing the same Wi-Fi connection. Most Internet plans struggle once there are over 6 or 8 connections.


Everything might seem fine and dandy when it's you and your family but what happens when you have guests coming over? If everything comes to a halt as soon as you have friends connecting to your Internet, it's time to upgrade for a faster, more capable plan.



4. Too Long to Backup Data


People working at home deal with a lot of data. Backing up everything becomes a usual routine. However, slower speed means it'll take hours to upload and secure your files.


It could take hours to upload 10 GB of data on a slow connection plan. You also run the risk of getting your connection interrupted or cut down due to the long upload period.


If this impedes your work, don't wait to upgrade. Faster connection plans mean you get faster upload speed too. Instead of taking 1 day to upload 30 GB, it might take less than an hour or two.



5. You're a Streamer


Are you on Twitch? Do you love to stream your video game sessions or your art to hundreds of viewers online? If you do, you need the fastest Internet connection possible.


Some argue you need fast speeds to get the most out of streaming. You'll want to keep it fast so that your viewers can see you in full HD and without video stuttering.


You need the fast download speed so you can view your stream on a separate device, allowing you to monitor your show. This becomes even more important if you're a highly-paid Twitch streamer; you have thousands of viewers so consistency and quality matter more than ever.



6. Too Many Devices


Even if there are only 3 people in your home, you could run into this problem due to too many devices connecting to your Internet. 3 people might each have a smartphone and then you have to count your TV, gaming console, and laptops.


Don't forget about smart home devices like security cameras or an Echo Dot. These devices, even one as simple as a smart light, require a stable connection. They also consume valuable slots for other devices.


A better Internet connection works around this. You can connect more than 10 devices with a better connection plan. Also, you won’t need to worry about slower speeds even when all theses devices go online simultaneously.



7. For Security Updates


Want a clear-cut sign it’s time to upgrade for a faster Internet connection? Take a look at your devices and check how long it takes for a security update. If security patches take hours to complete, your connection is too slow and outdated.


Some people refuse to update their devices and security apps due to slow Internet speed. This opens a significant security breach in your system. Hackers with updated apps can break into your devices and steal valuable data, such as credit card information or bank details.


Fight this by upgrading to a faster plan and updating your devices or anti-virus software often. Pick the best provider you can find, especially if you run a home office managing tons of valuable data.



8. You Take MMO Games Seriously


Do you play games like Elder Scrolls Online or Final FantasyXIV: A Realm Reborn? If you do, then a fast Internet speed is a must. You don’t want to be the guy in your party who can’t keep up with the rest due to a laggy connection.


This becomes even more crucial if you play fast action games online, like FPS titles or battle royale games. You won’t stand a chance in a round of Fortnite if your game keeps stuttering and drops out due to bad or slow connection.



Get a Faster Internet Connection Today


Go through this list and evaluate your situation. Does your Internet connection need an upgrade? Do you need a faster plan for better streaming, better security, or to accommodate more users?


We’re here to help! Contact us today and let us showcase our best Internet plans. Don’t hesitate to give them a look and choose one to suit your needs


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