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Select your Location for Rural High Speed Internet

Wireless Internet Plans for Rural Areas

Home Wireless Internet Plans

Wavedirect Telecommunications is a home wireless internet service provider and is blowing away the competition. That’s because we offer reliable wireless internet plans with no limits. We can deliver unlimited high speed wireless internet and keep you connected. Don’t you think it’s time to get rid of that dial-up connection and get reliable fast speeds with WaveDirect Communications?


Wireless Internet Plans


Residents have been in search for wireless internet providers, but now the search is over because WaveDirect is here. From Windsor to Tilbury and everywhere in between, when you get Wavedirect residential rural internet, you get advanced internet service for your home or business.


Windsor-Essex residents love staying connected to friends and family. You can do all of that and more with Wavedirect Communications. Residents trust Wavedirect as their home internet providers in Ontario. Just read our Facebook Page for our positive reviews…


Positive WaveDirect customer review


Plus, with Wavedirect Internet, families can do more of what they love without getting slowed down. New tower technology means faster Internet. Other local Internet providers can’t keep up with demands or bandwidth loads on their networks.


No matter how many people are on devices in your home, you can virtually say goodbye to buffering and lag time. Play games, stream movies and do more without frustration, with Wavedirect reliable wireless Internet plans.


Ready for Reliable Rural Wireless Internet?

Check for availability in your rural area today and stay connected and go faster with Wavedirect. We want to be the #1 Internet Providers for residents who can’t enjoy the same reliable internet service and speeds that others are getting in the city, why should rural areas suffer or be without internet or have to worry about price hikes like some companies lure and hook you into contracts. We don’t operate on those principles, in fact we offer a Free 30 Day Internet Trial so that we can prove our services first before we ask for any monthly payment.


Call today to check availability in your area. Don’t settle for anything less than the best high speed internet in rural Windsor-Essex county. Fixed wireless Internet with Wavedirect gives you the speeds you need to stay entertained and get everything you need online.


30 Day Free Internet Trial