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Wireless vs Wired Internet | Which one is right for you?

Humble Rural Ontario Beginnings

In 2004, WaveDirect began offering Internet service to rural communities that otherwise would only have access to dial-up in Essex County Ontario.


Otherwise known as a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). Since then, the means of providing rural Internet services to residential and commercial subscribers is better known as Fixed Wireless Internet.


Wireless Internet Vs Wired Internet

Two Types of Wireless Internet (Fixed Vs. Mobile Technologies)


Wireless Internet can be separated into 2 different types of technologies; fixed wireless and mobile. The advantage of using fixed wireless over mobile wireless is that it provides a high-quality Internet connection without bogging down a cellular network which was designed only for mobile use and can easily get congested.


Mobile Bandwidth Problems



Mobile wireless was meant for light browsing (like a small burst of internet usage), unlike fixed wireless which can be used for entertainment TV packages and downloading consistently. The fixed wireless network was made for everyday internet usage with many users requesting data at the same time.


Prior to the bigger mobile wireless giants offering 4G and now LTE technology (we are now moving towards 5G), servicing a home or business with a mobile wireless service was completely unheard of. Many mobile companies promise super-fast wireless speeds, that have disappointed customers who've tried their network for their regular internet.


Using a cellular 3G, 4G or even LTE phone to stream a video is one thing but tethering it to a TV and expecting to get the same resolution is a whole other story. It may be a work-around for some rural areas, but it will come at an excessive cost. Often mobile wireless providers will slow your speeds down (internet throttling) to a trickle or impose high overage charges (data caps) on your account to conserve bandwidth for all mobile subscribers.


Again the mobile cellular network wasn't designed for this type of excessive internet usage.


Mobile Phone Network

Therefore, a fixed wireless solution is your best option over a mobile internet solution. It's the same reliable internet we provide here at Wavedirect.


If you have a home or business outside of wired coverage areas offering DSL or Cable Internet. Fixed wireless is a great alternative to the outrageously expensive and poor performing satellite Internet as well. Satellite is a good way to reach nearly any home, no matter how remote, but it will come at a huge cost and a real compromise for only moderate performance.


Fixed wireless is your best alternative when wired service is unavailable and a huge leap in performance, as well as considerable savings, compared to mobile wireless.


WaveDirect has many rural internet packages to meet your current needs and they are designed exactly for today's internet users, who are looking for a stable & reliable Internet connection that can handle things like Netflix streaming and the online gaming demands of high upload and download data rates.


Being in the county doesn’t mean you need to compromise and it doesn’t mean you need to take out a second mortgage to stream an HD quality movie. WaveDirect offers fixed wireless speeds of up to 15Mbps and unlimited data, which is the required internet speed to stream Netflix movies.


Compared to our fixed wireless Internet services, it’s common to see data caps imposed on other wireless technologies, whether it’s satellite internet or mobile networks. The reason for this is clear...


There’s only so much data that can be transferred over any medium until it reaches a point of congestion causing connection speeds to slow down for everyone accessing the network. By throttling the connection it allows some traffic management.


Which would maybe fun for your cat, but for us Humans, not too entertaining!


Cat playing with YouTube Loading Wheel



Wireless technology has never really been able to keep up with everyone’s expectations for data usage. I remember when 3G was going to be the Holy Grail of new speed technology and we would finally be appeased.


But soon after the introduction of 3G cellular service, video streaming services like Huli, Prime Video & Netflix began popping up everywhere online at an extremely low monthly price. Making it clear that mobile, wireless or satellite Internet services were never going to keep up with the demand for more internet.


This ultimately confirmed the importance of using a stable connection such as fixed wireless as the best means for Internet service in rural areas of Ontario.


With the introduction of video streaming and higher resolution televisions, Internet Service Providers (ISP's) were scrambling to figure out how they could possibly deliver the amount of required data over their existing infrastructure.


This caused engineers to have to re-think infrastructure at a whole new level! As a result, it wasn't long before MU-MIMO technology was born. A new way to deliver channeled bandwidth information to each home with less interference so that we could stream HD video to a smart TV without any buffering.


Netflix Streaming

4G technology also came out at the same time for mobile and paved the way for faster smartphones and consequently, higher demand for media-rich content to high-resolution mobile tablets and laptops. Internet Engineers were once again met with a challenge to surpass all current technology in an effort to meet the new demands and along came LTE.


To date, LTE is still being rolled out, but is already faced with unexpected challenges posed on it with increased appetites for more bandwidth! Hence the new 5G networks!

So, what’s the solution?


Fixed wireless is your best choice for Internet service if you're in the county and cable Internet if you're in town. WaveDirect now offers both!


Wired - Now Introducing Cable Internet:

From 2004 through 2016, WaveDirect continued to be a top choice for many homes and business in the rural areas of Windsor-Essex, Lakeshore and Kent County. At the beginning of 2017, urban folks living in the City can now get our new cable services!


That's right, thanks to deregulation; you can now get WaveDirect's High-Speed Cable Internet to your home if you live in Windsor-Essex County Ontario.  We are also looking to include fiber packages and we expect that to be coming soon when we are finished cutting through the red tape.

If you live in Leamington, Essex, Kingsville, Cottam, Belle River, Tilbury, or pretty much any town south of Windsor, all the way up to Tilbury and we are currently growing into the Chatham area.


The main advantage of having cable internet is consistency. There are very few things that can slow down a cable Internet connection other than overall usage levels.


Sometimes a mobile wireless connection can be affected by weather or radio interference, these problems do not affect wired cable technologies. Usually, the only thing that can affect your cable internet is a power outage or an internet network maintenance upgrade, which should be a rare occurrence.


Cable Internet Services Ontario

Another major benefit of a wired Internet Service is they have super high speeds with no data caps (Unlimited). Unlike mobile or other internet technologies which may throttle your service.


A wired cable internet service has few limitations to deliver data efficiently and less of a need to worry about bandwidth hogs congesting a neighborhood's wired infrastructure.


Not to say that it can't happen, but a wired network is usually less affected by bandwidth activities or fluctuations than some wireless networks, making it more tolerant of excessive use.


The cost of installation is also less with a wired cable service than fixed rural wireless, due to the amount of equipment that needs to be installed. Most cable Internet installations only take a few minutes. In most cases, it's as simple as dropping off a modem for a plug and play setup and turning on the service outside, at the cable box.


A fixed wireless installation, on the other hand, can take a couple of hours depending on the amount of work needed to install and point our dish equipment to one of our nearby towers (Access Points) and ensure it has the best internet signal. From there, you will also receive a router and go through the usual plug and play setup for Wi-Fi and the internet in your home.

Overall, wired and fixed wireless Internet service from WaveDirect each have their advantages depending on your location and both are capable of delivering dependable high-speed Internet service across our entire coverage area.


Call a WaveDirect representative at 855.844.9283 for your best high-speed Internet solution regardless of where you live in Southwestern Ontario.

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