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Xbox 1 Vs PS4: Which System Has Higher Connection Speeds and FPS?

  As of 2019, over 2.21 billion gamers turned on their favorite consoles. The two consoles that reign supreme and challenged each other are Xbox 1 vs ps4.      In the debate between Xbox 1 vs ps4, loyal gamers want a system that delivers high-qua...
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Top 6 Qualities To Look For In A High Speed Internet Provider

  It can be a challenge to find a good internet service provider. The facts are that people generally dislike their internet service provider. Bell and Rogers have increased prices for their services, and they haven’t invested in rural internet servic...
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Wireless Network vs Cable Services: Which One Is Better for You?

  Over 300 million people are active users of the internet in the US.   Internet connectivity has become a fundamental part of our everyday business and personal lives.     However, internet connections are not all the same. The type of connect...
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The Speed You Need: How Many Megabits Should I Be Using?

  Whether it's using smartphones, desktop computers, or video game consoles, the vast majority of Canadians rely on the internet daily. You likely use the internet so often, in fact, that it can be difficult to determine just how much internet speed y...
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How to Setup the Ultimate Home Media Server with Plex Software

Would you enjoy having Netflix-like access to your personal media libraries? Does the idea of a personal media server make you happy? Did you cut your cable cord years ago? In case you haven't heard of Plex, it is a service that allows you to turn you...
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The Cable Modem Buyer's Guide: What to Look for in a Modem

  Only people who live in rural areas that don’t get the best internet service know what it’s like to have real internet troubles. There’s nothing worse than waiting an eternity for your internet service to load, especially in...

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