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Assistant at Your Service: Alexa Tips and Tricks You Didn't Know

Welcome to the Digital Age, in which technology and the Internet assist our daily lives. These days, smart devices are quite common for the average American family.    If you have the Amazon Echo, featuring the recognizable voice of Ale...
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Connect With The World: Tips On How to Choose Internet Provider

  The internet is a utility. Without it, people cannot communicate with almost anyone, including their friends and coworkers. People rely on their internet access to do their jobs, have fun with friends, and connect with the rest of the world.    ...
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How to Solve Xbox One Not Connecting to WiFi & Other Xbox One Problems

  Five... Four... Three.. Two..... Xbox One! You've treated yourself (or someone's treated you) and now you finally have what you've been wanting - that snazzy new Xbox One. You've got your liquid fuel, your snacks and your ridiculously comfy chair a...
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Your Complete Guide to Small Business Network Setup

  Rural Business Internet   Your computer network is the backbone of productivity in your office. If it doesn't work efficiently, modern office workers just can't function.   It gives your workers access to th...
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Choosing A Domain Name? Keep These Things In Mind!

  How to Choose a Website Domain Name   So, you’re ready to launch your website? We’re sure you are excited about it. You probably already have a clear idea about how it should look. But what about a domain name? Have you...
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9 Ways to Fix Slow Internet Speeds in Botany Ontario

  There's nothing worse than trying to get some work done or stream your favorite show only to be slowed down by a bad internet connection. However, you shouldn't have to leave the house every time you need to go online!   If...

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