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Do I Have the Right Internet Speed for Gaming?

  The gaming landscape has changed dramatically thanks to the ubiquity of high-speed internet. Multiplayer online matches used to be a special feature, but now it is expected in nearly every genre. The ease of picking up a controller and being able to...
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What is the Required Internet Speed for Streaming Netflix?

  "Loading." or sometimes called "the spinning wheel of death" is probably one of the most universally dreaded experiences you can have with the internet. It's frustrating and annoying when all you want to do is relax and catch up on your favorite sho...
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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Small Business Internet Providers

  In 1984, there were just 1,000 internet devices in the entire world. Today, Google processes more than 40,000 search queries each second, from billions of Internet-connected devices around the world.   These statistics alone prove how much the mod...
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5 Things to Know for Getting Rural Internet in Ontario

  This morning, I streamed one of my favourite shows on Netflix while I was having my coffee.   At the same time, my phone was downloading episodes of Friends for my commute to work. My roommate, meanwhile, was downloading a 20GB file for a presenta...
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Internet for Rural Areas: Tips for Choosing a Provider

  Over 3 billion people around the world are using the internet. That number is becoming progressively less surprising given how much of our lives rely on being online.     Sending emails, video chatting, updating social media profiles, running b...
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8 Business Applications that Require Reliable Internet

Have you ever had that experience where you're traveling on business and need to access the internet, only to realize you're in a dead zone?     Let's face it, not all internet service providers are created equal. Add to that, not all rural areas ...
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