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What Speed Internet Do I Need? Important Factors to Consider

Nothing makes a modern family more miserable than slow internet.     Most of the things you do at home nowadays require a web connection. The more gadgets hooked up to the Wi-Fi, the slower your internet becomes.   How can you ensure your intern...
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Boost the Bytes: How to Set Up a Wifi Extender

You're streaming the Stanley Cup Finals and suddenly your neighbors are screaming. You missed out on watching the goal happen live because your WiFi is lagging behind.     While rural Ontario isn't known for its speedy in...
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Apple TV Setup: Tips and Tricks for Setting up a New Apple TV Box

Apple continues to hold onto a strong, dedicated base of streamers with 15% of the market share. Apple TV has a ton of functionality and upgrades from its previous iterations. Those who are just discovering the power of this smart TV device may feel a ...
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Top 12 Xbox One Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Game Console

  It's hard to believe that we're almost half a decade into the current generation of gaming consoles. Yet in that span, more than 40 million Xbox One consoles were purchased.   Interested in seeing what the fuss is about? There's never been a bette...
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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Your Roku Streaming Stick

  You just got a brand new Roku streaming stick. Congrats!   Now what are you supposed to do?   There are tons of undiscovered features that the Roku stick is able to offer, but you may not know how to find them.   Take a look and see if you can...
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Canada's Best Internet Service for Back to School Success

  It's September and what that means for thousands of students all over Ontario is that school is back in session. Goodbye warm summer weather, hello classes, assignments, and early morning alarms! But what might Mom happy is that Wavedirec...

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