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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Your Roku Streaming Stick

  You just got a brand new Roku streaming stick. Congrats!   Now what are you supposed to do?   There are tons of undiscovered features that the Roku stick is able to offer, but you may not know how to find them.   Take a look and see if you can...
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Canada's Best Internet Service for Back to School Success

  It's September and what that means for thousands of students all over Ontario is that school is back in session. Goodbye warm summer weather, hello classes, assignments, and early morning alarms!     Back to school time isn't all bad, though. I...
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5 Ways To Maintain A Steady Internet Connection In Rural Ontario

  It's the age of the internet, and all anyone can talk about is what they're doing online. Your friends are chatting about their latest Netflix obsession or making plans to play video games online together. At your family gatherings, our relatives ar...
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How To Get Good Internet Service In My Area If I Live In Rural Canada?

Good Rural Internet Service In Rural Ontario Canada   If you live in rural Canada, you might be wondering "How can I get good rural internet service in my area?"     It's a common problem in rural areas of our land of the free. About 18% of Cana...
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How to Find the Best Cable Provider in Ontario

How to Find the Best Cable Provider in Ontario   Deciding on which cable company to sign up with can be a confusing process. Each one has their own advertised promotions, speeds, and bonuses. The best cable provider for your neighbor may not be the b...
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Do I Have the Right Internet Speed for Gaming?

  The gaming landscape has changed dramatically thanks to the ubiquity of high-speed internet. Multiplayer online matches used to be a special feature, but now it is expected in nearly every genre. The ease of picking up a controller and being able to...
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