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Country High Speed Internet

Internet Packages Ontario

WaveDirect Internet Options for Rural Ontario Internet Packages Ontario There are several internet service providers in Ontario with many different options for Rural Internet in the Ontario area. These internet service providers usually include high ...
Country High Speed Internet

Rural High Speed Internet in the Country

Do You Live in the Country and need High-Speed Internet?   Getting DSL Internet in the city is fairly easy with many ISP companies offering different packages for the type of usage you need for your home, but what if you live in the country? WaveDirec...
Country High Speed Internet

Free Rural Internet Trial Packages

Free Rural Internet Try Us Free For 30 Days of Free Rural High Speed Internet   WaveDirect telecommunications has always separated itself from the competition by offering Free Rural Internet for those in our service area for 30 Days! Just call one o...
Country High Speed Internet

Unlimited Data vs. Data Caps - Which is Better?

The Internet Showdown Unlimited Data vs. Data Caps   Which Is Better?   In every industry, there are buzz words businesses know they can use to draw consumers to their product or service. In the auto industry, it’s zero percent financing and no mon...
Country High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet Wheatley

WaveDirect rural high speed internet service is available for residents of Wheatley Ontario and is also available for 30 day Free Trial. That’s right, you can try our internet service risk free for 30 days with no obligations back to you!     We a...
Country High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet - Tilbury Ont - WaveDirect

Get high-speed internet in Tilbury Ontario Today! Even if you can’t get DSL or Cable all hope is not lost yet!  Are you stuck on Dial-up internet, stuck with no internet at all? Get reliable high speed internet services from WaveDirect in your rural ar...
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