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Stay Bundle Free For Your Internet Services with WaveDirect

Why Bundle Deals Are the Worst For Internet Services Don't get trapped in bundle deals to get the internet service you want!   Over 90% of the population in Canada has Internet. If you're reading this, you're in that 90%.&n...
Country High Speed Internet

Wireless vs Wired Internet | Which one is right for you?

Humble Rural Ontario Beginnings In 2004, WaveDirect began offering Internet service to rural communities that otherwise would only have access to dial-up in Essex County Ontario.   Otherwise known as a Wireless Internet Service Provider (...
Country High Speed Internet

5 Reasons You Need Rural High Speed Internet Now

  For Rural Areas of Ontario   Rural high speed internet is changing the game for people all over. If you aren’t sure if you should jump on the train, you should read this list.   Living in the countryside is a speci...
Country High Speed Internet

Internet Providers Ontario

What Type of Internet Provider Should I Use in Ontario? Should I Go With Cable or DSL?       Internet Providers Ontario: Go Cable or DSL? Looking for internet providers Ontario?     Questions abou...
Country High Speed Internet

Internet Packages Ontario

WaveDirect Internet Options for Rural Ontario Internet Packages Ontario There are several internet service providers in Ontario with many different options for Rural Internet in the Ontario area. These internet service providers usually include h...
Country High Speed Internet

Rural High Speed Internet in the Country

  Getting DSL Internet in the city is fairly easy with many ISP companies offering different internet packages for the type of usage you need for your home, but what if you live in the country or a rural area?   WaveDirect provides C...

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