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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Tell Me More about the 30 Day Trial


Q: When does my free trial end?

A: The length of your free trial is 30 days and offers Unlimited Data. The internet trial officially starts on the day of your installation (when your internet gets connected). To avoid any interruption of service, you must sign up at any time (if you so choose) during the trial period, Monday through Friday, and before the end date of your free trial period.

Q: Will I be contacted before the end of my free trial?

A: Yes. We will contact you 5-7 days before the end date of free trial as a reminder of the impending end of your trial. If you do not contact us at the end of your free trial, your Internet is turned off until the agreement is signed.

Q: What plan am I set up with during the free trial?

A: You will be set up with the package of your choice based on availability. Call the office for details.

Q: Can I try a different plan during my free trial?

A: Yes! Please contact our office and we will be happy to change your plan in accordance with the CPE (equipment) that was installed at your location.

Q: What is Bandwidth?


Q: How Does Point to Point Rural Internet Work?


Q: What does the installation cost?

A: The installation fee covers the installation of a dish (belongs to WaveDirect), 100 feet of cable and a penetration of the outer wall and a POE. If extra work must be completed in order for you to receive the best signal, our installers will notify you before beginning installation. We do not install in attics or crawl spaces because of liability reasons. Additional charges apply if:
• we have to run more than 100 feet of cable
• we need to install a post in your yard in order to avoid blocking the line of sight between your location and our tower.

Q: What is a GigaByte?


Q: What does the EMF (Equipment Maintenance Fee) Cover?

A: The EMF covers regular firmware updates in order to maintain peak performance and 24/7 health monitoring system, as well as damage caused by storms or other acts of God and frees you and your insurance company from liability for damage caused to our equipment.

Q: What is an Overage Fee?


Q: What do I do if I am experiencing technical difficulties with my Internet service?

A: Please contact our support team as soon as possible, at a time when you are home and able to troubleshoot with them. We provide technical support 24 hours and local tech support is available Monday through Friday 8 am to 9 pm. For faster customer service, please have your account number.

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